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Chapter 9: The good, the bad, and the ugly

*In the car*

Keira’s POV

I can’t believe this. I am in a car with one direction. Louis hugged me. Niall carried me. Liam invited me into their family. Zayn broke me and my boyfriend up..... moving on.....and Harry... well he’s just there.

Okay. Whatever you do Keira. Do not, I repeat, do not, fangirl.

Right now we are all seated in the car. Zayn is driving, Liam is in the front seat next to him. Louis and Harry are in the middle, and I am now sat In the very back, next to Niall.

“So guys, where exactly are we going?” I asked anxiously.

“Well I thought we could go back to my flat and get to know each other better for a bit.” Said Liam from the front.

“Sounds good to me, what do you think Hazza?” Said Louis in a baby voice, while pinching Harry’s cheek.

“Please Boobear, not in front of the child.” Said Harry gesturing towards the back seat.

“Hey, I’m the same age as you are Styles!” I stated poking him in the head.

Harry bit the tip of my finger and winked at me.

I let out an awkward chuckle, as did Harry.

Well that wasn’t weird at all...

“Ewwwww Harry germs, I gotta burn it now.” I joked.

“Hey I don’t have germs, you should be happy, you now have Harry Saliva on your finger.” He boasted.

Strange strange child. Wait, we’re the same age. Oh well.

“Oooooo Nialler, Hazza’s stealing your girl!” Said Zayn from the driver’s seat, winking in the mirror.

“Shutup!” Said Niall as he looked at me, blushed, then continued to stare out the window.

Finally the van came to a stop.

“Everybody out!” Said Zayn pulling the key from the ignition.

We all walked into Liam’s house and sat on two couches around a coffee table and across from a large flat screen tv.

As I sat on the love seat (thinking I would be sitting alone), Niall came and sat beside me.

Liam, Zayn and Harry took up the other couch entirely.

Louis just stood in the middle of the room pretending to cry.

“No body loves me! Even Kevin left me!” He shouted.

“I still love you boobear!” Said Harry.

“Then why did you sit over there, with them!” He said trying not to laugh.

Ooooo Larry drama.

“Ladies calm down, Lou you could squeeze in over here with Niall and I!” I said, receiving a few laughs from Niall, Liam and Zayn.

“Yay Keira!” Shouted Louis as he ran over and sat with Niall and I.

And by sat with Niall and I, I mean he sat on my lap.

“Geeze Lou, I think you should lay off the carrots.” I joked.

“DONT DISS CARROTS LITTLE MISS!” Shouted Louis from my lap.

“You have now been Tomlinsized.” Laughed Zayn.


“Your not a member of our family until Lou sits on you.” He said.

“Err.. okay. But Lou, your crushing my legs, and if you don’t get off soon, I won’t be to blame if you “accidentally” fall and hit your head off the table.” I said.

“Have you ever thought of joining our security team?” Chuckled Liam.

Louis then got off my lap and squished in between Niall and I.

Niall let out a long sigh.

“Oooo Niall’s angry.” Said Harry.

“Mad I’m stealing your girlfriend?” Said Louis poking Niall.

“Er.. I’m gonna go get some food.” Said Niall dragging Zayn with him to the kitchen.

“Speaking of food.... I haven’t eaten in two weeks. I’m starving!” I said as Louis scooted over and rested his legs on my lap.

Crazy boy.

“So what’s up with Niall? He’s been acting weird all day.” I asked.

“Well.... uh..... er,...........he kinda maybe sorta l-” Started Harry.

“HORMONES.” Interrupted Liam.

“Uh okay.... hey mind If I get some food Daddy?” I said.

“Feel free.”

I pushed Louis’ legs off me and walked to the kitchen, stopping outside of the door.

“But she doesn’t like me at all.” I heard Niall say.

“You don’t know that, maybe she does but she’s hiding it Nialler.” Said Zayn.

“I should just go apologize to that Jason guy. She clearly doesn’t like me. I might as well make her happy.”

I slowly walked into the kitchen over to the fridge.

“Hey Keira, did you hear anything before you came in here?” Asked Zayn.

“No, why?” I said lying and taking a banana from the fridge.

“No reason. Hey I thought that now would be a good time for me to go talk to Jason.” Said Niall before Zayn could keep talking.

“Great, let’s go.”

Niall and I got into the van and he drove to the park near my house, and Jason’s house.

“Hey why are we at the park?” I asked as he parked the car.

“I texted Jason and told him to meet me here. Except.... he... er... thinks it’s you who texted him.” He said.

“Well this should turn out well.”

Niall got out of the car and came over and helped me out onto my crutches.

I went over and sat on a bench as Niall waited by the car.

“Hey Keira, sorry for storming out like that a few weeks ago, I was just shocked.” Said Jason as he came over and sat next to me on the bench.

“Yeah.” I said. I will admit I had to keep blinking so I wouldn’t cry. Hey he had just broken up with me two weeks ago, and I have been in a coma until today.

“Hey what happened to your leg?” He asked as he rested his hand on top of mine.

“I got in a car accident, It’s all good. I was just in a coma for two weeks.....until today.”

“How did you crash?”

“Well I went to meet Niall and-”

“Niall. I should have known. I’ll kill him.”


“He hurt my girl. He’s not gonna get away with it.”

“You dumped me, remember?”

“Yeah but I was thinking we could get back together...” He said.

“Hey Jason.” Said Niall as he came and stood in front of us.

Jason clenched his fists and stood up in front of Niall. He was at least 6 inches taller than Niall for sure.

“Hey listen, I’m really sorry about what happened but Keira and I weren’t even-”


Jason punched Niall, right in the face.

Niall stumbled backward.

“What the heck!” He shouted.

Jason punched him in the face again.

Niall came back and punched Jason In the chin.

“Guys stop it!” I shouted trying to get them to stop, but I got pushed and fell back onto the bench.

“You just leave Keira alone.” Said Jason.

“But I love her. And your just a big jerk, you don’t deserve a girl as amazing and beautiful as Keira.” Said Niall.

Irish boy say what?!

“She’s mine!” Shouted Jason punching him into the face, this time making Niall fall onto the ground, and his forehead and nose were both bleeding.

“Get out of here before I call the cops!” I shouted at Jason and.... know... I might of punched him in the face. ( I had to stand on the bench to reach his face....)

Jason ran away and I fell to my knees beside Niall.

“Niall are you okay?”

“Yeah, perfect.”

“You might have a concussion Niall. I’m worried.”

“Don’t worry it’s okay.”

“Thanks for what you said.”

“It’s true.”

I helped Niall into the car and drove back to Liam’s house.

We walked in the door to be greeted by Harry, Liam and Zayn all starring in shock.

“What in the heck happened!!!!!!!!”

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Chapter 9: The good, the bad, and the ugly


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