Kidnapped By Jeff the Killer


Previously, "Well...Why did you kidnap me?"

-To The Story-

"Well, I, um, because I...Um...Uhhhhh" sputtered Jeff.

"Jeff, it's okay. You can tell me." Jenny softly spoke. She looked into his black, non-colorful eyes. Jeff looked at Jenny's beautifal hazel eyes, with hope and trust.

Jeff sighed. "Jenn, sit down. I need to talk to you." "Um, okay." Jenny said, feeling suspense.

"Well, the reason I kidnapped you was because..." Jeff trailed off.

Jenny waited for him to speak again. She felt...weird. She saw nervousness in Jeff's eyes.

"Because... Since I'm a killer... Well, you wouldn't know but..."

"Yeah?" Jenny spoke with emotion.

Jeff sighed again. "You wouldn't understand."

"But I will understand!" Jenny looked at her feet. Her foot still hurting. She didn't care. Jenny took a breath. In and Out."When I was 6, me and my friend, Alison, were playing at the park. My friend was scared to go high on the swing. I tried to help her get over her fear, but..."


"Jenny, help me on the swingy!" Alison shouted from across the park. "Comiiiiiing!" Jenny replied.

"Okay, don't make it too high." "Ali, I'm trying to help you with your fear." Jenny said, convincing Alison to help her. "Okay, Jenn."

Jenny pushed Alison on the swing. Each push getting higher and higher. "Jenny! Too high! Stop!" Alison shouted. Jenny didn't listen. She kept pushing Alison higher and higher. "Jenny!!! STOP!!!!" Alison screamed to Jenny.

Suddenly, By accident, Alison jumped off of the swing while the highest in mid-air. "ALISON!" Jenny yelled.

Alison landed on the ground on the front facing side of her body. Blood leaking from her mouth and head onto the woodchips.

"Alison! Wake up! Tell me your okay! Ali!" Jenny shook Alison. But Alison didn't move. "Ali!!!" Tears floooded down Jenny's face. Both their moms ran over. Jenny's mom called 911, while Alison's mom called her husband.

Eveyone got to the hospital. Alison was pronounced dead. Jenny felt like a killer at the funeral. She cried as they buried Alison's casket into the ground. Jenny will never forget that day...

-End Of Flashback-

"So...I'm kinda a killer too." Jenny said.

Jeff just stared at her.

"Fine, I will tell you." Jeff said. "Just don't freak out and scream. Okay?"

"You have my word."Jenny swore.

"So...the reason I kidnapped you was because..."


To Be Continued...

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