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I Smell Sex and Candy (Adventure Time Fanfic)


Gumball's POV~ 

As I ran away from Marshall, I thought back on what just happened. I recalled his face... those lips... mmmm- wait, what am I thinking, how could I think of Marshall Lee, the Vampire King, who doesn't even know who I am, like that. So much for keeping a low profile, hopefully he wouldn't think much of it and leave me alone, besides, he probably has a whole obsession over his ego, and he wouldn't want to be seen talking with me (no duh) I snapped out of it when Fionna suddenly came to a stop and I ran into her. I looked up to see what she was staring at in awe. Well, it was obviously Finn (and Jake, but he just didn't stand out that much), but it was so cute how she was so awestruck whenever she saw him. I remember when she told me that she liked him, I felt really proud of her, I mean, considering all those nights when.... never mind. 

" Hey Fi, wanna go say hi to your boyfriend?" I said jokingly. 

"Sh- shut up Gumball!" she stuttered. I started laughing at this, I called out for Finn, "Hey Finn, come over here!", and he stared at me in surprise. Shoot. I remembered that I only acted like that around Fi," I mean, would you like to accompany us, Finn?" 

" Sure, Hey Fionna" he said shyly, it was so obvious that he liked her too, how did she not know, no, how did THEY not know, they were both so oblivious. Oh well, might as well leave it at this, wait till they figure it out themselves. 

" So.. um... what are you doing here?" Fionna said awkwardly.  

" I just thought that I should... uhh... come and visit for a bit, you know?" Finn replied. 

"I guess you could follow us in our classes, if you don't mind being bored that is" I tried, hoping that they would snap out of it. Oh boy, this was going to be a very long day.

Fionna's POV~ 

Man, Finn was just looking so good today, man, I didn't even know what to say. 

" So Finn, how's it going?" I said awkwardly.  

" Ummm... uhh... nothing much, just saving princesses, fighting... stuff... same as usual..." he replied. 

" Well... yeah, same here. We better get going before we're late, Gumball can't stand being tardy." I said, grabbing him by the hand and dragging him with me to my first class. 

I sat through Honors English, Aaa Geography, and Honors Math with Finn and Gumball, and I couldn't help but steal some glances at Finn, and there were even times when our eyes MET.... I seriously needed to man up... wait, woman up? Oh well, I dunno, not important, but at least I didn't need to pay attention in class, it was way too easy, and I could watch him as much as I wanted. We went to Even though Gumball, who was also sitting next to me, was pretty hot (obviously he hid it from everyone because he didn't want to be bothered by them), Finn was just like, dude... fricking shining. His blue eyes just pulled me into them, and felt like they were looking right through me. I could stare at them all day.  

" Uhhh... what is it Fionna? Do you need something?" Finn asked awkwardly. 

I snapped out of it and realized that I had been staring at Finn for a long time now, and he had seen me. 

" Oh umm... uhhh...", I turned to Gummy for help. He just smirked at me and chuckled. I glared at him and punched him. He flinched and started to laugh out loud. Mr. B glared at us and came over to our table. Gummy quickly pulled down his hood and hid his face.  

" And what is so funny that you would be laughing out loud at, Mr... uhh..." Mr B. searched his memory for Gumball's name. 

" My name is Bubba Gumball, Mr. Butts." said Gumball. Mr. B looked furious, I guess Gumball really wanted to get busted, saying Mr. B's name was taboo at school, so everyone just called him Mr. B. 

" Mr. Gumball and Ms. Fionna, please stay after class and I will have a talk with you." 

Aww man, I didn't know that Gummy could be so good at getting on teachers nerves. I turned to Finn. 

" Sorry man, you can wait outside if you want, or you could leave if you want to." I said awkwardly. 

" It's okay, I'll wait for you, besides, I have to wait until Jake gets back from his little date thingy with Lady and the pups." he said. 

" 'Kay, later" I said as I grabbed Gumball and escaped from the awkward uhhh... conversation.

Finn's POV~ 

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