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Purple Blood


Algebra, the stupidest subject in the world. When will someone ever ask us to find X or Y? When will we ever need this? It should have stopped at 2 + 2 = 4.


So here I am in the back of the room starring at Ms. Olson try to teach us the concept of the system. She tried to make me introduce myself to the class when the bell rung for everyone to be in their first period classes. That didn’t work out so well. I have that cheerleader in my class. To my amazement, she’s a smart ass. I guess not all cheerleaders are as dumb as they look.


2x + 24=48

“ Venus, may you please come to the board and solve this for us?”


Why the heck does it have to be me?! Isn’t their a rule for not asking the new student to go to the board until like their third day of school? 


“ No.” My voice sliced the air. The whole class looked at me with wide eyes.


“ Excuse me?” Ms. Olson’s hand covered her heart as if that was suppose to make me turn into a angel and go to the board.


“ I said no.”


“ You can’t tell the teacher no, she’s the boss of the class room.” The room’s tension gravitated to the perky little cheerleader. There she was smiling at me. Not a nice smile, the smile that makes you want to punch in her teeth and make her choke on them.


“ Well I just did. Deal with it.”


“ Now. Now. Venus has a little stage fright so well let it slide this one time.” Ms. Olson said, trying to put this class back in order.


The whole class turned back to the front of the class room as a scrawny girl walked to the board and solved the problem. I copied down the problem in my new five subject notebook and took notes like a good girl without making a sound.


A piece of paper distracted me from my notes as it slide on my side of the two person table. I opened the paper while making sure the old hag couldn’t see.


“  Do you get number five ?”


Seriously? What will make him think I would want to answer the question after I refused to go up to the board. Boys.


“ Is that what you really want to ask? Serious.”


I slid the paper back over. He starred at it and began to scribble on it.


“ Straight to the point… I like that… Well I’m Harli… like the bike.  You seem cool. Wanna hang?”


“  Erm… Sure.”


“ At lunch…Back table… Look for the boy with blue hair.”


Robin? He’s friends with Robin. He couldn’t be. Robin seemed like he was an outcast. Why would he hang out with a boy with blonde hair that looked so into the crowd. I looked at Harli, nodded then gathered my notebook. The bell rung for second period right when I stood up. Little Ms. Cheerleader shoved right into me as she walked out the door. She has no idea what she’s messing with.


I walked to second period calmly as the others seemed to rush past me to get to class. I don’t see what the big rush is for. I turn the corner to go into room 805 when I spot why people are in such a rush. A fight has broken out. I take a left turn, the opposite direction of my class to see what’s going on. Even a murder likes a good fight. I see fists being thrown down and blood on the floor. Not a lot, just little droplets, maybe from a busted lip. That’s when I see it. The fight is between two boys. One dark haired boy and the other is my new friend, Robin. His blue has was air blown and going in all direction. The blood was coming from his lip. I pushed through the crowd to the front where I could see every detail. Robin’s shirt was ripped in certain areas. His back was toned along with his chest. He wasn’t a buff guy, but he defiantly worked out a little. The dark haired boy, was more than buff. He must be on the football team. He reminds me of a rhino. A big touch rhino. Even though Rhino had a big size advantage, Robin was still going at it. He had managed to punch him in the eye several times before he was thrown against a locker about four feet away. 




Oh Damn it! I think I’m going to have a concussion. The hard metal of the locker dented as I made impact with it. Stupid jocks and their super strength. I’m tired of his bull crap, I’m tired of being called a freak, I’m tired of being called gay, I’m tired of stupid jocks thinking their all that!

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