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My Geek of a Fake Boyfriend Works for the CIA?

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I am on a ROLL today! And yes... it is admittedly because I am sick. Stupid friday night parties. *insert sigh here* Well! I haven't posted another chapter of this as of late, so today is your lucky day! Thank my friend BoookLoverrrr for persuading me to upload. May as well check out my new story, Buried Treasure, hmm? I'll love you to bits! :D Anywho, read on.




Chapter 4-


~Ainsley's POV~




I smiled and hummed to myself as I practically skipped to the principal's office once I was out of Geek's sight. He was actually turning out to be quite interesting, surprisingly. Today was turning out better than I expected. I got to watch a guy beat up my jerkface of an ex, I got to make creme brulee, I got to punch said Geek twice, and I was finally free of those darned stilettos.


My mom would've blown a fuse.


I grinned even wider. To top all of this stupendous events, I even got a fake boyfriend to solve my boy problem AND I hadn't gotten any threats or 'presents' today!


I laughed as I realized I was humming, 'Walking on Sunshine' by Katrina and the Waves. Perfect day, perfect day.




"Miss Winters," Headmaster Hargrove said sternly.


"Ainsley." I piped up, giving him a wide eyed gaze.


"Ainsley," he began again, then sighed. Yeah, wasn't easy to have my father's best friend/godfather as the head of my high school.


"Why did you punch our new student? His parents could file a lawsuit!" He said exasperatedly.


I shrugged. "He insulted me!"


"You've never punched someone before!" My godfather Simon sighed.


"Okay, tell me what happened. Don't leave anything out." he added. I scoffed. Puh-lease.


"He said something about me being grumpy, which I WASN'T. I was just irritated which is a completely different thing that being-"


"Ainsley," Simon cut me off. I frowned.


"Anyway, I denied that and he smirked and said that I must be PMSing which I'm NOT and... I punched him in the face." I said proudly.


"Sure wiped that smirk off the geek's face, though." I grinned.


"Ainsley Blythe Winters! Today, out of all days, you choose to PHYSICALLY INJURE A NEW STUDENT?" Simon's nostrils flared and it was hard not to giggle.


I wasn't backing down.


"Yes," I said simply, watching him pinch the bridge of his nose.


"You are so much like your mother it's impossible." I smiled, straightening my back at it. He most likely didn't mean that as a compliment but I took it as one.


"Tomorrow afternoon, detention. Two to seven. Got it?" I nodded.


I went to check on Landon and saw that three teachers were dragging him to the nurse's. I grinned, knowing I was eternally condemned.




*Two hours later*


Wait for it....


I had retrieved my sucky heels and slipped them back on, trying not to flinch as they pressed against my blisters.


"AINSLEY BLYTHE WINTERS, REPORT TO THE HEADMASTER'S OFFICE. NOW!" Simon's voice boomed over the intercom.


All heads swiveled toward me. I blinked and flashed a big smile.


"Adios, muchachos!" I called over my shoulder as I sped to the office. Finally, Landon would be caught. I hoped he goes to an asylum for mental issues.


Clarisse was typing away at a computer.


"He's in there. Careful," she warned me, gesturing to the door. I took a breath, my hand closing on the door's handle. Before my euporic feeling could falter, I entered the room.


"Ainsley. Take a seat." Simon's voice sounded horribly strained. I glanced at my Geek and Landon, who were both holding packs of ice to their faces.


Landon definitely looked like he had taken the worst of the beating, his face splothced with black, purple, and red. His right eye was swelled shut and his lip was busted. He also had a scratch down his chek.

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