Zayn Malik Imagine : No Cheat

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you walked in your daughter's room, Soraya. You saw Soraya fell asleep on Liam's chest and a story book beside them. Liam is your husband. You had been his wife since Danielle Peazer broke up with Liam. Then he marry you.

you walked through the door and go to the kitchen, to drink a cup of tea and eat a slice of bread. You heard someone knock the your flat entrance door, you opened the door and saw Zayn infront of you. He's crying.

"come in" i said

you smiled and spread the door to let him come in to your flat. He walked and sat down on the couch. you sat down next to him.

"what happened, Zayn?" you said

"Pe... Perrie... Perrie..." he catch his breath and crying at the same time

"what's wrong with Perrie? You love her and she loves you, right?" you said

"i know, I'm still love her... but..." he said

"but what? tell me" you said

"a week ago, she call me up and she's like 'Sorry, Zayn. but i think we're over' i'm speechless. then, i saw a picture of Luke Brooks kissed her... lips..." Zayn said

you hug him to make him calm down. Then you heard the footsteps getting closer and closer but you didn't care, you still hug him. He release the hug. you turned around and saw Soraya stood up in front of the TV and watching you and Zayn. You smiled at her then he run upstairs and go to her room. i don't know what would she do next.

"(Y/N), is Luke better than me?" Zayn said

"No no no no no no" you shooked your head "you're perfect. If Luke looks better than you, then the end is near" you added

you heard the footsteps again, but this time the footsteps sound like an angry elephant jumping on the bed. Then, you turned around and saw Liam and Soraya standing like a killer view

"hey (Y/N), are you cheating on mehhh?" Liam said

"no, am not. I'm just give a little hug for Zayn to calm him down" you said

you stood up and walked over him and your 3 years old daughter. She looked at you angrily. You smiled at her try to fix everything.

"she sa---" i cut Liam's words off with a kiss but he pushed me away "okay, i trust you. Soraya, c'mon" he added then pulled Soraya's hand and walked to Soraya's room.

you sat down on the couch, net to Zayn. He stops crying, you smiled. He stood up and pulled your hand, so you stood up.

"i'm bored" Zayn said

"ugh, c'mon. Let's go to the mall" you said

"but..." Zayn said

"no but" you said

you pulled his hand. two of you walked through the door and go to the mall. In the mall, you pulled his hand to the movie theater. He shooked his head and don't want to go to the movie theater. You looked at him with your puppy face and finally he walked to the movie theater.

after watching the movie, two of you went to the restaurant, boutique, etc. 3 hours later you felt a little bit tired and you want to back to your flat.

"ummm... Zayn, i'm ti-" he cut your words with a kiss.

OMG. is he desperate? he knows that you're Liam's wife but he just... kissed... me... Okay, actually you love him but you had been already have a husband. He should know his limit. But... Nevermind...

"Za... Zayn..." you said nervously