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Wait... I'm Chosen By What?! (another KH fan fiction)


Wait... Im Chosen by what?!

Chapter one:

From leader to deputy


"To the principals office... I know. But have you ever gave thought into asking me WHY I sleep in YOUR class?" I replied to my English teacher as another yawn escaped my mouth.

"Well... Why do you Ms. Hikari?"

" Have you read the books Organization forever and it's other book Mysticx POV?"

"Why yes! You know I am a kingdom hearts addict!"

"Well Mrs. Bolt I hope you know your authors 'cause I wrote the corresponding book Mysticx POV from my Wattpad account, Physcosaphy. And the original author is KupoVsNoctis! I rest my case and head... Thank you very much!"

"oh really? Prove it's YOUR accountt then!" some snobby rich chick I wanted to beat up badly spoke up. "okay. Will do!" I jumped up from my seat, walked over to the computer that was hooked up to our projector.

I will warn you now, our school is full of ghetto people everywhere! Any ways back to my current situation. I tapped away at the keys as my login finally signed me in. My "real" name was actually my nickname, Demyx.

"See class? I AM productive! Now can I please take my-"


Curse that stupid third bell. As I was half way out the class my teacher Mrs.Bolt stopped me. "Delenn... Can I speak to you?"

"Uh sure... What's up Mrs. B?"

"I want you to know that your book is extremely good!" she smiled grasping my small hands in hers. I felt as if I knew her from some where else... But hey! It's my tenth day as a ninth grader so. Yeah.

" Hey I gotta go or Mr. Chiller (pronounced Schiller) will be ticked at me for being late."

"that's not what I really need to tell you. Uhm... Do you know that guardian clan of yours?"

"Yeah? What's wrong now? Did Alex get a hold of his lighter again?!"

"Not exactly. It's really important though. Have you ever heard of the Soul Keyblade?"

"Uh... Mrs. B you're scaring me now... feel free to call out your hidden camera men now." I said nervously.

"ugh! I told Leon and Yuffie you'll never understa-"

"Wait.... Leon and Yuffie? Like Kingdom Hearts... Leon and Yuffie?"

"Yes. And we have been appointed as your guardians. I advise you to step down as leader in your clan and become deputy."

"Okay. Pause the tape. First you tell me something about a keyblade and now you're telling ME to step down as leader of MY clan?! Now I'm extremely confused." I said as my anger was welling up inside.

"My real name is Larxene. Mr. Chiller's is Vexen, and Alex's-"

"Axel?! I knew I knew you from somewhere!!! Now I see... The heartless took over your worlds didn't they?"

Axel walked in as I said this. "Yes and we were told that YOU were the next keybearer. You bear the Soul key. It is used against the controller of heartless to slay the demon who controls."

"Axel... This can't be true! I thought Sora, Kairi, and Riku were the saviors!" I began to cry as more of the people from kingdom hearts filled the small room. I immediately clutched and claimed Axel's chest to cry on.

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