( A/N : At the side, there is a picture of Madison Wilson. )

 Madison point of view..

I walked back into the room, after leaving for 15 minutes to get a bite of eat. My eyes converting to Chloe the minutes I walked in, she was sitting comfortably in her bed, eating a small bag of chocolates while watching television. I narrowed my eyes at her, “Keep your distance.” I said in a unhappy tone, but all she did was smile, I rolled my eyes. 

Chloe eyes looked big and round when she look up at me, “Don’t look at me like that.” I said, turning away and sitting down on the edge of her bed. “Look? What look?” Chloe asked innocently, I groaned. Chloe giggled, “Call Ryan yet?” she asked me, I nodded my head no. 

“I didn’t get to, but I will in a minute.” I told her, pulling my lips in my mouth and looking at her. She smiled at me again, “What is with you?” I asked, grinning at her giggly state. “I can’t smile!?!” Chloe screamed happily, “Gosh!” she grumbled, laughing loudly afterwards. 

I frowned at her, a smirk playing at my lips, “Something is definitely up, what is it?” I asked her again, watching her expression and eyes. She looked away, got you, “Oh my God, it’s nothing, seriously.” she said in a unconceivable voice, talking softly. 

“Spill.” I said, getting closer to her. Chloe rubbed her arms roughly and shook, “It’s really cold in here, do you agree?” Chloe rambled, looking everywhere but my eyes and tried her best to change the subject but no I don’t think so. 

“It’s 100 degrees outside, it’s not that cold Chloe, but nice try.” I said, gazing her eyes. Chloe pouted her lips but burst out laughing, I look at her strangely, placing my hand on her head, “Are you okay because what..” I said, filling her head for a fever or just something. Chloe swatted my hand away, sniggering, “I am perfectly fine, it’s just.” she stopped, and grabbed her phone, placing it in my hands. Her eyes so far gone in another world, I thought maybe she was high, yeah maybe that’s it. 

I took a glance at Chloe again, she was still staring at me with them big brown eyes, I looked down at the phone, well was force to since I was “Taking to long, hurry!”, they were text messages, text messages from Justin. I scanned through the messages catching a few as I read along causing me to smile sweetly and heart sink in my chest a little.

“I thought you forgotten about me.” - chloe.

“Impossible.” - justin.

I looked at Chloe, smiling at her looking over my shoulder about to fall on me, I kept scrolling.

“Can I hide with you?”- justin

“haha, no you would make too much noise.” - chloe

“I could kind of be quiet, but it’s going to be hard.” - justin.

“why?” - chloe

“because of you, duh.” justin.

I giggled, and Chloe blushed, “I can’t believe he said that.” Chloe muffled into my shoulders, her arms wrapped around my shoulder loosely behind me. I kept strolling downward.

“I am a princess.” - chloe.

“and here’s your crown.” - justin.

“thank you prince.” - justin

I “awh.” out loud, causing Chloe to blushed so deeply, she had to cover her cheeks and look away. “You guys are so freaking adorable, my god.” I squealed at Chloe, jealous than ever.