Kidnapped By Jeff the Killer

When you think something is fake, you never might know what reality has in store for you.

Jenny woke up from sleeping. Her face sweaty, hands clamy, scared half to death. She had that dream again. The dream with the white-faced killer. Jenny deicided to shrug it off and go have breakfast. "Mom, I'm coming down for breakfast!", yelled Jenny to her mom. When Jenny arrived downstairs for her breakfast, her mom and dad always give her big hugs and good mornings.
• • •
Jenny was 17 and singing up for collage. She was going to the place you go to sign up for collage.

(A/N: I forgot where the place you sign up for collage is. Srry.)

When Jenny got there, she took the survey.

(A/N: I mean like the survey for how old you are, have you committed any fellonies, etc.)

-------Skips taking survey-------

When Jenny was walking home at 9:45 pm, she didn't know that her life would change forever...

(A/N: Her survey started at 6:00 pm and ended at 9:30 pm.)

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Love always, BeckyBoo14

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