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Falling In Love to a Wattpad Character (MY EXPERIENCE)


May 6, 2011
03:47 PM


Hi readers! ^_____________^ Do i look happy? Oh yeah. Right. I was happy before typing this one. I was happy about an hour ago...


I was really really happy Yesterday because my FB status became IN A RELATIONSHIP with HIM. I was like.. ^______________^ and >////////////<

That was the happiest moment I can remember this year so far. He made me blush, he made my jaw ache, he made me feel so special, he made me feel i was loved. That was the only time I realized... I AM IN LOVE WITH A WATTPAD CHARACTER!


Saying practically, it's mere of an illusion. It's more like loving someone who doesn't even seemed to exist in this world. Just only in my imaginations, I can feel that i was treated like a Princess. Like Cinderella with his Prince Charming... Like Snow White who was saved from death. Like Sleeping Beauty who was saved from dying by her true love's kiss.. Like every Princess in a fairytale.. 


I thought it would end up as a HAPPY ENDING STORY. I know you think I'm being so sarcastic in saying that but I don't really care. Even for almost a day of being in a relationship with him, I felt like i'm the luckiest girl in this world.


BUT! There's a very very big BUT! I was wrong. That was just only a THOUGHT. A thought that could never happen in real life BECAUSE! He is just a CHARACTER from a STORY!


I'm speaking all out by myself. I want to share how I feel. I want all wattpad readers to know the feeling of being.... DUMPED by a wattpad CHARACTER!



YESTERDAY: About 5:00 PM


Ako: Inaccept na niya yung relationship request ko! ^_________^ >///////////<

9 people LIKED IT! ^__________^ Nainggit sila sakin! Kasi sa dinami-dami ng may gustong maka-in a relationship yung ka-relationship ko ngayon, ako ang maswerte! Ako ang naging FB GF niya! ^__________^


"Hello FB Girlfriend.. ♥ HAHA!" --- his first post on my wall..


I was like... O/////////////O


Then on my GROUP on FB, namely, ♥ We <3 MsHopelessRomantic29 ♥ , Someone posted a picture.. A Print Screen picture of the GROUP CHAT of the author of the story that my FB BF belongs.


Nag-chat si FB BF sa kanila....


"online ba si shiela marie esguerra fernando?"


Then.. meron pang isa.... "online na siya! :'>"


I really don't know that. I was not a member of that group.. Pinrint screen lang ng isa sa mga readers ko.. And I was like... O/////O ^______________^


So, i posted something on his wall..


Ako: "Ahyieeee. May nalaman ako sayo! Hinahanap mo pala ako sa chat ng group ni Inay ha?! xD"


Siya: "OO! Hinahanap kita! kaya lang nandito ka puso ko :))"


Ako naman.. Hindi ko na tinupad yung status ko dati na.. OFFLINE CHAT UNTIL THE END OF SUMMER.


Kaya nag-status ako na... "Online chat para kay FB BF *toot toot toot* :"> ♥"


5 people liked it... ^___________^


Then I posted something on his wall again.. 


"Namaaaan! Kilig ako dun! :"> Nandiyan ba? Patingin nga?? :)"


"oo...kaw ang nasa puso ko :)) pati si manager at si princess :D" <--- Siya


Then I went online in facebook chat. We started chatting. :)


Ako: :)

Siya: hi fb gf! haha! lumabas ka na pala sa puso ko! :))

Ako: Ayaw mo? Sige babalik ako! xD

Siya: wag na! haha..... mas gusto kong nasa labas ka para naaalagaan kita.. :))

Ako: Stop it I'm blushing! :">

Siya: ayoko.. ang cute mo pag nag-bublush eh. :'>


Then I replied to his wall post...


"I said stop saying cheesy lines. I'm blushing! :">"


Then he posted on something on my wall again...

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