(22) Realization...

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After scrambling behind Kyle and barely  making it into his car we made it to his parents house in one piece. Kyle made his way up the long drive way and onto the wraparound porch where he pounded on the door with anger until his sister opened it.

“Lisa just move out of the way don’t ask questions.”

“What’s going on?” She asked frantically.

“Its time ‘daddy dearest’ and I have a little talk.” She moved out of the way. Kyle moved through the house until he got to a door which he swung open and let smack against the wall behind it with a bang. He turned towards me.

“Stay with Lisa Nevaeh.” He went in the room leaving me with Lisa.


            “So heard you had a little chat with Nevaeh.” I said. He leaped off the bed and looked at me in bafflement.

“Hello to you too son. Yes I did.” I walked up to my father.

“Why! What’s wrong with her?”

“She’s not right for you just like Jemma wasn’t.” I took in a sharp breath at her name.

“So that means you can just take them out of my life and think that I will magically forget?”

“Yes.” Was all he said. I paused. Trying to control myself.

“You sick bastard. What about my child?” His face softened a bit.

“How did you know?”

“She sent me a letter.” I felt smug at one upping him.

“Son I sent her away and I was giving her money for the baby, but then I found out that she had gotten an abortion and was just using the money for herself, using us." I stood there frozen not willing to believe.

“I don’t believe you.”

“It’s the truth son, would you like to call her yourself?”


“I have her number let’s get this cleared up right now so you can who you were so in love with.” My father picked his phone up and sat down on his bed with the phone to his ear.

“Hello Jemma, I have someone here who would like to talk to you.” I heard a distant voice through the phone. My father handed me the phone.

“Hello Kyle.” My breath caught at the sound of her voice, when was the last time we had spoken?

“Is it true? Did you really kill my son?” There was silence on the other end.

“Answer me!” I yelled into the phone.

“I did. And yes I used all of the money that your father gave me to buy stuff for myself.” She said indifferently. My anger flared.

“You bitch. How about when you were with me was that for the money too?”

Silence again. I heard some shuffling around on the other end and then a chair being pulled out. I guess she has to sit down for this one.

“Yes…I was with you for the money, the popularity, and then I got pregnant and everything just…I don’t know it kind of just opened my eyes and then I didn’t want the baby, and then your father started to threaten me and I saw it as the perfect escape.”

“Why? Why would you do that to me, are you that heartless?”

 God I sounded so desperate.