My Lover (chris brown story)


Tylar:Comes downstairs I'm loving this life! *flops back on the couch*  

Me:What!? I should be saying that! 

Tylar:Me and Wale talk now and he gave me and you Mindless Beahviors number  


Tylar:*calls them on speaker*  


Me:Umm...this is Carrie Chris Browns girlfriend I just wanted to say I love you guys you're so cute and I LOVE YOUUU 

Boy:*laugh* Thanks  

Roc:Wait! You the girl with the curves!? 


Roc:And her fine friend T uh Tylar?! 

Carrie&Tylar:*laughs* Yup! 


Me:We gotta go call us tomorrow! 


We hang up. I noticed how they talked at the same time it was funny! The next day I woke up and my phone was ringing! I answered it. 

Chris:Hey bae I just wanted to tell you I'm outside! 

Me:Shit! Ok!! *hangs up*  

I put on some ripped jean booty shorts with a bluish purplish sparkly shirt and my black and white Adidas!  

Me:*runs to the car* Heyy! What we doing  

Chris:*turns on sweet love and starts driving*  

Me:*laughs* I get it! Next song you gonna turn on is strip?  


Strip comes on! 

Chris&me:*bust out laughing*  

We got to his house it was HUGE bigger than mine! WAY BIGGER! I loved it we went inside to this room it had on it labeled:SEX ROOM  



Chris took his shirt off revealing his abs I couldn't help but stare! He signaled to me and I took my shirt off reavealing a flat chest! JK I had big ones everyone told me that! I ain't get no jobs done so don't say that!  

Chris:*picks me up and kisses me*  

Me:*kissing back*  

Chris:*starts taking off my pants*  

A few seconds later we was naked butt naked!! I loved it he was fine as hell! CHRIS BROWN WAS MINES!!!!!!!!!!! 

Chris:*eating you out*  

Me:*laying downs and moans loud* 

Chris:*comes back up and kisses me*  

Me:*kisses back and adds tongue*  

Chris:*adds his* 

We had tongue wars and then he stopped looked at me and inserted me! 

Me:*moans loudly*  

Chris:Love you but *goes harder and deeper*  

Me:*screams* This is 2012  

Chris:Yup *turns the song on*  

Me:G-Go deeper 

Chris:*goes in deeper and harder* 

Me:*legs getting weak shaking*  

Chris:*smiles and goes deeper*  

I felt it in my stomach! P.s. hopefully the condom ain't break  

Me:Chris I feel it in my stomach  

Chris:*laughs and goes deeper*  

Me:*screams legs shaking and weak tears roll down*  

Chris:*holds my hand* You ok  

Me:Yea might not be able to walk and my kitty will be throbbing but yeah! 

Chris:*squeezes my hand*  

Me:Uh oh *squeezing back*  

Chris:*goes deeper*  


Chris:*laughs* Want me to pull out  

Me:I just got adjusted and it's gonna hurt if you pull out bro  

Chris:Fine *goes deeper*  

Yn:P-Pull o-ou-t 

Chris:*pulls out slowly*  

Me:Ahh it hurts Chris 

Chris:Sorry *stands up* Shower time! 

Me:*gets up and falls* I think my legs arn't working  

Chris:*laughs* Or a bath  

We got into the tub and we were splashing each other his tub was like a freaking pool for seriously tho!  

Chris:Wanna swim?  


Chris:*goes underwater and starts eating me out*  

Me:*moans* Chris... 

Chris:*comes up and pulls me really close*  

He pulled me REALLY close! When I say really close I mean it  

Me:*kisses him*  

Chris:*kisses back*  

Me:*pulls back from the kiss*  

Chris:I love you  

Me:I love you to *smiles*  

Chris:I love your smile  

Me:I love your sweetness  

Chris:*laughs* Thanks 


Me:YES! *swims away out the bath*  

We got dressed and walked downstairs. They had swim trunks good thing I brought my bakini! 



Me:Yaw talk at the same time alot! 

Prince:I know we need to stop  

God! Prince was heaven. He was fine as fuck and he was my age. WAIT! Carrie Chris 


Chris:*laughs* You good? 

Me:Oh yeah! We swimming  

Chris:Yup you bring somen? 

Me:Yea *goes upstairs*  

I came back downstairs and the boys were all in the pool 

Maid:I'll show you the way mam  

Me:Uh ok 

When I walked in there I sat down in a chair and put on my cover up I had too many curves! My boobs was out an my butt was big! AYEE! IM SEXY! I took it off and all the boys were staring dead at me wiping their eyes and everything!  

Me:*laughs* Love ya but close your mouths yaw look retarded! 


After that they started swimming again and splashing water shooting water guns an hour later it was a house party of famous people I had Tylar come! 

Tylar:Where's Wale  

Me:I don't know  

Chris:*picks me up and throws me in the water*  

Me:*comes up* REALLY!  

Chris:*laughs and jumps in* You good? *holds my waist*  

Me:No! *laughing* Mean!  

Chris:*kisses you and sucks on my bottom lip*  

Me:*laughs and swims away*  

Chris:*picks you up*  

Me:*screams and laughs*  

When we were done I dryed off and when I was completely dry I started twerking on Jacob Latimore! 


Me:*laughs and stops*  

After everyone left it was just me and Chris he grabbed me from behind and started kissing my neck down! 

Me:*smiles* Heyy 

Chris:*truns me around and kisses me* 

Me:*kisses back* I love you *jumps on him*  

Chris:*holding me*I love you to! 

Me:I gotta get home boy *jumps down and starts changing into clothes*  

Chris:No shower? 

Me:When I get home! Take me home please babe  

Chris:Nope you're staying  

Me:I can't Tylar and me are spending girl time tomorrow sorry! Come on  

Chris:Please please please please! 


Chris:*gets on his knees*  

He looked sexy with his abs and wet body he make me wanna stay man!

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