Protective (A Harry Styles Fanfic) {{ON HOLD}}


Author's Notes:

Last one was a little boring but this one is better :) Hope you Enjoy and please lease a review in the comments i really appreciate when you guys do. ;D

Lauren's POV

I was finally out of the hospital after a quick nap. I had a really bad headache but I'm much better now. It was probably a migraine after the big scene. I could tell my mom was actually afraid. Afraid that I was going to really kill myself. I just had to but I now know that I was just becoming fragile inside. I'm trying to not let that happen, even if I grew up that way.

"Laura can you come down here for a minute or two. I have something for you!" my mother yelled from downstairs in a cheery voice. Whatever she has in store I bet it's some summer camp or something like that.

I went downstairs and she had something in her hands behind her back. I just ignored it and sat down at the dining table.

"So?" I said playing with the petals in the flower vase.

"Well, you know how you always wanted to visit our old home back in England?" she said side stepping to the opposite chair in front of me.

"Were moving back?" I said hoping she agreed but instead she just shook her head, no.

"Then what do you mean?" I said facing her with eye contact this time.

"I got us tickets to England and we are spending the entire summer there!" she said revealing the two tickets in her hand and jumping in excitement. I smiled widely and grabbing one of the tickets from her hand, I can't believe she actually got tickets to go back to the U.K again. I thought I would never see that place again. The tall green trees, the pretty gardens of the neighbors, and the wonderful buildings. To me this is paradise.

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