Heart Attack- Demi Lovato :)


Screams were heard from downstairs in the sonic boom, I leaped up and looked frantically around the room for a weapon.

I grabbed hold of a spoon that I saw on the piano from last night, I felt my legs tremble as I opened the door, there downstairs eating pancakes and playing on the drums were Austin and Dez.

"Alls your awake!" Austin shouted through the constant banging. I nodded and jumped down the steps. Dez shrugged at me and offered a pancake.

"No Dez, not right now. Where's Trish?" I asked, Austin jumped up from the drums, picked me up and twirled me around.

"PUT ME DOWN AUST!" I cried in between giggles. He chuckled placing me back down on the floor. We both kissed quickly and smiled embarssedly at eachother.

"Guys get a room!" Dez cried. "By the way Trish should be here anytime.. Now."

With that the door burst open and Trish smiled, she was in an outfit of a creepy ghost girl, I but my lip anxiously and turned to Austin and Dez who also looked pretty creeped out.

"Guess who got a job at Creepy Movie Night!?" Trish giggled, doing her normal hand shake with me.

"Who?" Dez asked dumbly. We all turned to look at him, seriously Dez was such a legend but at times he could be disturbingly annoying.

"Me you dufous!" Trish yelled, Dez pretended to cry and ran out of sonic boom.

"Mindy is out there!" Trish called. The door burst open and Dez came running back in.

"Ally, I have something to ask you."

I turned to face Austin, I nodded, "What is it Aust?" I asked.

Trish and Dez giggled to themselves, I blushed and looked up to meet Austin's eyes.

"I was thinking, we still haven't had that 'proper' date have we?" He asked, Trish and Dez suddenly spun in wearing there 'Auslly' T-shirts.

"Hm, your right Mr Moon!" I giggled nudging him in the ribs. He chuckled and got down on one knee. I suddenly looked at Trish and Dez in worry.

"Oh no! Alls, I'm not proposing, it's just a little something for you." He chuckled, I blushed and held out my hand to him, he slowly slipped on a beautiful diamond ring. I gasped and stared it.

"Austin! I love you, I love you, I love you!" I cried. I wrapped my arms around him, he smiled as we both stared longingly into eachothers eyes. We both pulled in as Dez coughed, we pulled away embarssedly.

"Dez! You ruined the moment." Trish sighed. Dez shrugged and took out his camera.

"Lets take some pictures of the happy couple!" Dez shouted, me and Austin posed, I felt his arm wrap around my waist, but somehow it felt... Right.

I gazed into his eyes, as the camera flashed.

"Okay guys one more, show some affection!"

Me and Austin turned to look eachother in the eyes, with that our lips met and this time we didn't stop, I heard Trish oohing and ahhing as Dez snapshotted us. We both pulled away and stared at eachother.

"You guys are seriously made for eachother." Trish laughed.

"We are aren't we?" Austin asked, I nodded and giggled.

"Ally is my best friend and she's a blusher!"

We all turned to look at Dez. Trish coughed and gave him the 'shut up' look.

"Hey guys I thought you were dating?" Austin asked, Trish nodded as Dez came to her side and they shared a little kiss.

"We are, sometimes it just feels good to shout at him." Trish giggled, I smiled and let my hand find Austins, he grabbed hold of my hand and squeezed it.

I had good vibes about Austin, for some reason I know me and him are gonna be together forever, thats why were Auslly. We're unstoppable as a couple, that's how strong we both are.


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Laura Maranoas Ally Dawson
Ross Lynchas Austin Moon
Raini as Trish
Callum as Dez

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