#Imagine: One Direction Style (ON HOLD)

You are crying in your room, curled up in a ball. You have been endlessly crying because your boyfriend was the best thing you ever had. But he broke up with you this morning at 8:00. So Niall, your friend, texts you:


You see the text and struggle to answer him.
You: I can't talk right now...
Niall: Why, what's wrong?
You: I have a new ex
Niall: Oh no, he didn't. I'm on my way!
Then Niall arrives at your house, and runs to your room. He punches the door open, runs to you, and hugs you tightly. And he never lets you out of his arms. He just sits there on your bed with you, and strokes your hair. He keeps repeating," It's gonna be okay, it's gonna be okay." And he cries with you.

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