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He said two words: "You're mine."

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 Okay, it's time to play the Dedication Game! Whoo! You know how it works, first person to comment (that is a fan) gets to have the first chapter that's not dedicated to be dedicated to them. And so on until we get to this part again. So, get typing! xxx

I rammed my nails into Zane’s back. He barely felt it as he turned around.

“You didn’t tell me? You didn’t bloody tell me!”  I drummed my fists into his torso, releasing my anger.

“Hey, hey . . .” He grabbed my wrists and held them in place.

Tears stung my eyes. “Let me go! Let me go!” I looked up to see if Brian was still enjoying watching us in misery, but he was no longer there.

“Listen to me!” hissed Zane, drawing my eyes back to his werewolf ones. I lurched back. “I didn’t even know. How could I? You have been with me since the incident happened. You have to not trust that bastard.”

I opened up the bond. Felt his emotions – his begging me to believe him. I nodded. “Okay.”

He released my wrists. “Good.”

“Now what? I don’t want to be frigging alpha!” I blurted, feeling suffocated.

“And I do?” His eyes shifted to his sapphire ones. The ones I liked.

“Talk to your dad! Make him reconsider.”

Zane fisted his hands in his hair. “I can’t. It’s the way the werewolf law works. If his alpha-to-be son didn’t please him, he’s not going to hand the title over to him. So it’s next in line: me.”

I scoffed. “Then fuck it up as well. Do something that will make him pass it to another.”

He looked at me. Really looked at me. “I don’t want that to happen. When that happens, he disowns you.”

“Oh.” I felt helpless again, small, once again encased in a bubble that floated nowhere, just span around and around and around and . . .

“I – you don’t have to. I won’ t make you.” He shook the next thought away and said, “I’ll mark someone else. I’ll find a female werewolf if it kills me.”

At the mention of another replacing me, I fumed. “No. No, it’s okay. I’ll be alpha with you.”

His eyes lit up. “Just like that?”

“Just. Like. That.” My voice held no happiness to it. I was completely deflated. Gone. I was no longer Kacie Littlewood. That life existed ages ago. I thought about my mum and dad – about my friends – about the police and how they hadn’t even managed to find me. I wondered if I was on the news. How many weeks would it take for people to rule me off as dead? Months? Years? Decades? Will my parents ever give up hope? Will they forget me? Will I be just another disappointment to their lives?

Zane hugged me tightly, murmuring words of praise in my ear. I nearly forget he could sense my emotions – especially the strong ones.

“What did Brian mean by ‘and then what?’?”

Zane pulled back to look into my glistening eyes. “He means, when you live a life like us, it will always be: And then what? There’s always shit happening.”

I laughed, despite of everything. “I could have told him that.”

“Yeah, but he told you. And he’s going to keep telling you if you don’t learn to shut him out.”

I entwined our fingers again. “The only person I trust is my mate. I know that sounds sad, but I feel like I can trust you.”

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