I Smell Sex and Candy (Adventure Time Fanfic)


Gumball's POV~


Sigh~ Why do I have to wake up every morning to Fionna's screaming? 

" Seriously Fi, calm down, it's just an alarm clock you're going to wake up the entire kingdom with your fucking loud ass vocal chords." 

" Sorry, that's just my immediate reaction whenever someone tries to wake me up in the morning." Fionna said sleepily. 

" Whatever, let's just get ready. I don't want to be late to school again because of you." I pushed her out of bed and rolled myself out of it, and I landed on top of her, hoping to wake her up for reals. 

"OWWWW!!! That seriously hurt! You're gonna regret that!" Fionna screamed as she leaped on me and bit out a chunk of my shoulder. 

" Hey! No fair! You know how much I hate it when you do that!" I yelled. Fionna laughed and jumped up and ran to the closet that I kept for her in my room. She stripped down and changed into some of her clothes. 

" Fi, we're not kids anymore, I swear, if someone knew that you even CHANGED in front of me without a second thought, they would give us a hard time." 

" But Gumball, I've known you for like ever, and you're my best friend, and I don't care what anyone thinks." 

" Okay, fine, but still, you are being careful in front of other guys too, right?" I hoped that she didn't act like this around those other guys who can only think about sex, because if she did, I don't know what they would do to her. I could never do something to Fi, she's like my sister. 

" It's fine Gummy, I know that I can only behave like this around you, you're the only one I'll ever truly trust with all my heart," she said as she pulled on a pair of blue panties and had me help her with her matching bra. 

" I think I'm going to need to take you underwear shopping again", I said to her as I examined the worn out fabric that covered her butt. 

" Probably, thanks Gumball!" Fionna said, smiling like I was getting her an extra large ice cream cone with sprinkles and whipped cream- for free.


Fionna's POV- 


I watched as Gumball pulled on his bright pink boxers and searched for his clothes in his ginormous closet. He put on pink skinnies, a white t-shirt with a pink mini vest and pink vans. Seriously, I had too much fun watching him get dressed, what kind of guys wears so much pink? Well obviously, that's Gummy, but even though I make fun of him, in most girls' opinions, we think that the guys who wear pink and can pull it off are real men, and Gummy was just one of those cases. He was so hott (yes, with a double t) but of course, I didnt like him that way, I have a crush on Finn, the human from the land of Ooo, and I only told Gumball about it, and he said that he's proud of me, maybe it's because I played around too much in the past, but... whatevs. 

" Alright let's go" I looked up, startled as I realized that while I had been thinking, Gumball was ready to go.  

" Okay, let me grab my backpack, I'll be back in 10 seconds." 

" You better be, I already said that I don't plan on being late again so you better hurry. 10, 9, 8..." 

" Okay, okay, I'm going already!" I yelled as I rushed off to grab my backpack from the lounge. I got back before he had even reached 4 and smiled at him in triumph. 

" Let's go." I said as I grabbed his hand and started running 

" Wait, Fi-", he started," Just shut up and go, last one there's a rotten egg" I yelled back at him and started towards the school.


Marshall Lee's POV-

First day of school, fun... can't wait to meet the girls that obviously just want to get it on with you right after seeing you for the first time. Do they seriously think that works on every guy? Man, this was going to suck-literally. 

I got there a little bit early to explore and find my way around the place, getting lost on the first day of school would surely be a bad way to damage my reputation. 

Slowly, people started filling up the hall one by one, and eventually, it became crowded, the way the hall of a high school should be.  

I took a step outside the building to get some fresh air. I was walking across the football field whistling to a new song that I came up with over the weekend and I felt a sudden rush of wind. In less than a moment, I felt a body collide with mine and stumbled to the ground with the other person in tow. When I opened my eyes and looked up, I saw a bright pink face staring down at me in a daze. Man, he was sexy as hell when he was on top of me. I felt something stiffen in my pants. Shit. He snapped out of it and turned around to glare at his partner in crime, and I guess it would be pretty obvious that it was Fionna, but still, why had I never seen this boy before?  

" I guess you're that desperate for some vampire dick, Gummy!" she smiled as she began dancing away. 

The cutie looked down at me and realized what he had landed on. "Oh... uhmmm... uhhh..." he began to blush furiously, which I would have thought was impossible considering how pink he already was. 

" It's okay, I'm fine. Marshall Lee, the Vampire King", I held out my hand. Instead of accepting it, he just blushed more and ran away. He was too cute, but seriously, what was his problem?

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