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The Apollo Brothers

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Madeleine (: my beautiful childhood f...


                I peered over the car window. Rain had taken over the cool, breezy weather that I adored in Hamilton. I sunk back into my seat. I was not looking forward to the new school year. A new year obviously meant a new school. Mum had a job that moved her around the place. It was infuriating, but I couldn't do much about it. This year, we ended up in Miles, home to approximately one thousand nine hundred and thirty eight people. With Mum and I? Miles could finally be a whole number.

                The song 'E.T' by Katy Perry finally came on my iPod, and I turned it up.

                 "Kiss me, k - k - kiss me. Infect me with your lovin', fill me with your poison. Take me; ta - ta - take me. Wanna be a victim. Ready for abduction," I sung melodically.

                 "Maddy," mum began. She tilted her head on the side so that I could hear her clearly. I pulled an earphone out. "What kind of music does the industry allow these days?" she shook her head in disappointment. "What happened to Walking on Sunshine, or Britney Spears' songs?" She questioned.

                "I don't know," I muttered, staring at my All Star Converses.

                 "Honey, I know that a new school yet again, is hard for you. But this will be the last move. I promise. The company is allowing me to stay for good. It's a permanent position!" She said with a pleased tone. I nodded. Yeah, that's what she told me the last four moves. It wasn't the fact that we had to move houses and adjust our daily lives; it was the people that we left that I missed most. Last year in Hamilton was one of the best years. I was finally considered 'Ms. Popular' and I had the perfect boyfriend, Kevin Farley. But now, I had left that behind and moved on. Who knew what I was going to be this year. The rest of the trip was silent.

                Finally arriving to Miles High, I kissed Mum on the forehead lightly before leaving the car. The rain had subsided slightly, so I quickly made my way undercover before it poured down again. I observed the school foyer. It was quite brilliant. There was a large map with the school campus drawn on, with keys and legends; it even had a 'You're here' arrow. I giggled under my breath. The school was so small; I didn't understand why it needed a map to begin with.

                "So, we're here."

                I turned around cautiously to find three of the most handsome guys I had ever seen reading the map. They must have been the most attractive guys on the planet! Each of them had bluish- grey mesmerizing eyes. I sighed and attempted to turn around before one of them caught me looking. The tallest one, who was about six foot two had caught me looking and smiled gently with a respectful nod. I instantly felt blood rushing up to my cheeks. I quickly turned around and headed to the direction where the school map said 'School Hall'.

                I began to saunter towards the School Hall for the orientation speech that happened each year in every school. I could hear the rain pattering on the school roof. What a daunting day.

                "Good Morning Students! Welcome back to Miles High. This year, we will have yet, another successful and brilliant year! I also welcome all the new students who have come to join us. We are grateful that you have chosen our prestigious school," a man in a suit recited sincerely. He looked about forty, and I could see the beginnings of grey hairs.

                He must be the principal. What a joke. Prestigious school? He was kidding himself.

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Chace Crawfordas Ethan Apollo
Alex Pettyferas Zane Apollo
Logan Lermanas Austin Apollo

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