Elleanor Smith had everything a 17 year old could ever want.




And she knew how to weasel her way out of any problem. I guess that's one of the benefits you get when you've been alive for near 105 years.

Yup, Ellie was a vampire. But not just any kind of vampire. Ellie was special. She was a copy cat vampire. Just by meeting any vampire once she could use their powers as her own. Which comes in handy when you're Ellie.

She's street smart and flirtious. A pure vegetarian since birth, Ellie love animal blood. She's quick and a capable fighter with a lot to love from life. She saw her transformation as a curse, spending eternity damed as an immortal.

Ellie always believed that the past should stay in the past. when she moved on from something, she hated to sit and dwell on it. But when you live forever and sleep is no longer a luxury, remembering is all you can do.

And now Ellie's past is catching up with her fast when she moves into the quiet little town of Forks. She can feel the presence of other vampires as well as shape shifters. Ellie believes her luck as changed when she finally goes to meet the family. However, when its Edward to greets her, she's hit with an on slaught of memories she'd rather forget.

Now Ellie has to deal with the fact that her best friend /ex- lover never died and her new found feelings for the shape shifter with a huge attitude problem.

What will become of Ellie?

Will old sparks fly between the best friend?

Or will she give herself away to Jacob instead?

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Ashley Greeneas Alice
Robert Pattinsonas Edward
Hayley Williamsas Elleanor
Taylor Lautneras Jacob
Kristen Stewartas Bella

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