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Whatever, Baby Doll

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Jaxon suddenly walked into the English classroom and sat in his desk, stretching.

“Sorry, Ms. Paxner,” he said to the young teacher who was giving him the death stare with slitted eyes. “I like your shirt. So, am I late, or are ya gonna let me off easy?”

“You’re late. No exceptions.”

“But-“ He started.

“Do I need to send you to the office, Mr. Park?”

He gave a smug smile and raised his hands up. “Sure, why not? Maybe I’ll get out of this dump.” He jumped up and walked out, leaving a rush of wind across my cheek and a red-faced teacher.

I raised my hand. “May I get him while you teach the class, Ms. Paxner?”

“Sure, Ariana. Thank you. Good kid.” She looked at the blackboard and began writing again.

I breezed past the class and into the hall. There was only two other people in the long corridor – a short girl with glasses heading for the ladies’ room and Jaxon.

“Hey!” I yelled. “Jaxon!”

He stopped and turned to me. “What, baby doll?”

“Don’t call me that.”

“I do whatever I want, baby doll.”

“I SAID don’t call me that!”

He smirked. “Sure thing.”

He paused, then said with a smile, “Baby doll.”

“Dang. Jaxon is completely unbeLIEVable,” I complained to Tiffani, my best friend since 2nd grade. “I mean, he always acts all smug. I swear, he’s got the ego of stinking Mount Rushmore.” I groaned, annoyed.

She let out a sigh. “I think he’s really cute. I mean, you can’t say he’s NOT hot. Yes, he might have a big ego, but I mean, COME ON. He’s adorable when he does it.”

I clutched the phone close to my ear. “He’s just…he’s just…he always acts like he’s number 1. I hate it.”

“Well, that’s him. If you don’t like it, then you just have to avoid him. I dunno. Switch classes so you don’t have any with him or something.” She audibly shrugged. “I think his attitude is really…cute. Look, I gotta go, but if you wanna talk at lunch tomorrow, go ahead. It’s not like I have anything to do. Just after school, now THAT’S a problem. I’m busy ‘til 8:00. Well, see ya!” She hung up.

“Ugh…” I whispered as I sat my cell phone down and started toward my bed.

I grabbed the laptop on top of my pillow and started typing on Word. Instead of having a written diary, I decided to make a TYPED JOURNAL. (Diary just sounds like you’re five) Plus, if it’s typed, it can’t get into the wrong hands.

When I finished ranting about Jaxon, I put in a Beatles album and let it lull me to sleep.

“Okay, Within You Without You is officially the WEIRDEST song ever,” I commented about the 8th track on Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. “It’s all warped and stuff..”

“Touché,” Cheyenne commented. We were both at lunch, eating french fries and red jello. “So where’s Tiffani?”

I shrugged. “Dunno. I thought she would be here, but there’s probably a student council meeting today. Weird. She told me last night she would be here. Maybe she’s sick or something.”

“Sounds legit,” Cheyenne finished.

Suddenly Jaxon came to our table and sat in Tiffani’s seat.

“Hey, baby doll,” he whispered. I could smell his coffee breath.

“Didn’t I say 10 million times not to call me that?”

He gave his signature smirk. Gosh, I hated that smirk. “Ya know, just because you hate it so much, I’m gonna keep saying it. Baby doll, baby doll, baby doll.”

He stuck out his tongue and I crossed my arms over my chest. “Oh grow up, Jaxon.”

“Make me.” He sat closer to me and I could see his deep blue eyes.

“No. You’re just a disgusting pig, a childish weirdo with a huge ego. You’re not worth my time.” I huffed in annoyance.

“Well, sorry, Miss She-gets-everything-she-wants-and-thinks-only-about-her. Ya know, not everyone’s first class. Not everyone has a real home.” He shoved his hands up and walked out. Déjà vu.

“Well, then…” Cheyenne said as she dumped her tray into the garbage can. “That was awkward.”

“You can say that again,” I yelled with a mouth full of french fries.

“Well, then… that was awkward.”

We both burst out laughing and Kourtney turned to us, an annoyed look on her make-up covered face.

“Can you please SHUT UP? I can’t hear this video that Jess is showing me.” Jessica, a friend of Kourtney and a girl WAY high on the social scale held up an iPhone – but not before looking around for teachers.

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