Nothing Like Us (Justin Bieber Fan Fiction)

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*Veronica's POV*

I hear Sydney in my ear piece. My first step on the way to becoming a super model. All the other girls get up as if they were just about to go grab a bag of chips and chill by the TV. Of course being a model, you're not aloud to eat chips. But right now I cant think about chips. I'm about to go out in front of millions of people wearing nothing but Victoria's Secret clothing. I guess you can call it clothing. I mean its covering much of me but it doesn't matter because I'm way to excited.

Before I explain my story to you, let me tell you some things about me. My name is Veronica Nyte and I'm and Angel. A Victoria's Secret Angel that is. Im blonde and fun but I dont party very much because school is more difficult that way. Im 18 and live in LA I want to be the worlds best super model. Victoria's Secret gave me a spot with the Angels after they spotted me last month in a Victoria's Secret location. The manager was out fixing a sales problem that one of the customers wouldn't shut up about. The manager looked over at me and gaped. I was so confused but she just stood there with her mouth wide open. After about a minute of that, she stoped staring and pushed past the rude customer. She took one look at me and told me that I was just what the Angels had been looking for. She explained to me that for the past 4 months the Angels had been secretly searching for a perfect girl and the only people that knew were the Angels and the importent staff around them. They wanted it on the down low so that they wouldnt have big crouds of women trying to compete to become a Victorias Secret Model. The manager had over heared the Angels talking about it when they were here last to do some shoots. She gave an adress and her name and told me to go there tomorrow and tell her that Amy Opsec sent her. So the next day I went to that adress and was practically mobbed when the person opened the door.

"O MY GOD! "You're stunning!!! A girl

said as she dragged me through the door. "thank you" I replied as this girl started grinning wildly. "LILY GET DOWN HERE!!! I THINK WE JUST FOUND AN ANGEL!!!" A second later a women comes down stairs. "Alright alright! What's going on?" said Lily

"look at her Lily!! Isn't she perfect?" Lily looked as if she had just woken up, even though it was Friday afternoon. She was blonde and she had messy bun and a robe on. "hang on a minute" she said. She walked into another room in the house (did I mention this place is massive) and came back shortly after. She opened a case and put on some RayBans and said "O. MY. GOD. The girl who invited me in started giggling and jumping up and down. "you're litteraly perfect" lily said. "Uh... Thanks? A women named Amy told me to come here. She said some thing about being an Angel? That moment a girl walked into the room.

"Hey! I've seen you before!" I said to the girl as she walked into the room. She looked up and said "well of course you have hun. I'm a super model. I'm Miranda Kerr. She chuckled and then said "you must be our new Angel". "She's not but she will be soon" lily said grinning at me.

After that it was mostly signing papers and photo shoots. Like a training cycle. I was very young to be a Victorias Secret Angel so their was more work to be done and more training surface to be covered. I don't know how we did it but I was completely ready to start modeling by the first month. And lucky for me my first show would be The 2013 Victorias Secret Fashion Show. This year Justin Bieber was singing again along with P!NK and Bruno Mars.

Veronica! Veronica! "Oh sorry" I say through my ear piece. I just got lost in my thoughts" Sydney, my "trainer" sighed and said "it's fine but pay attention your on in 30 seconds. Remember big steps = no tripping and blow kisses". "Got it" I say as I see the first model walk on stage. I wait in the line up as I hear the familiar melody of Justin Bieber's song: Thought Of You. I start feeling nervous. All these thoughts start rushing to my head. "Hold it together Veronica". I say to myself. I clench my fists as I start to feel dizzy but then I hear in my ear piece "Veronica, Show time".