Love possibly. - with Jeydon Wale.


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I couldn't really believe he was doing this.
Maybe I really did fall down the stairs, and this is some kind of coma dream.
Boy, that would suck.
I was tempted to pinch myself, just to check.
Jeydon pulled away.
I remained silent, still pondering over the fact I could be dreaming of this whole thing.
He asked again.
"Oh, yeah?"
"I don't know."
He smiled.
I couldn't help but smile too.
"I can't believe I did that."
"I can't either."
"Are you doubting me?"
I laughed, "maybe I am, what are you going to do about it?"
"I don't know, maybe I'll cry."
"Oh, don't do that."
Our foreheads were still touching.
I didn't know what to do now.
"Where is that Jeydon Wale?!"
The Dj called from his stand.
"Shit, I got to go."
He hesitated, but pulled away after a second, running down the stairs.
I stood in a trance.
That really happened.
What I've been wanting since I met him.
I smiled, replaying the moment again and again.
I heard Jeydons' voice ring through the club.
"MaryAnne? Are you still here?"
A scream erupted from the crowd.
"I'm right here! Right here!"
I figured he was doing that random drawing thing.
I stepped down the stairs, making my way to the exit.
The cold air hit my face, cooling me off.
A voice called, sounding distant.
Great, was I hallucinating now?
I looked around, seeing someone in the distance.
I could make out that it was a boy.
"Lennox?" I called.
He waved, stepping towards me.
He came closer and closer.
He was only a few steps away when I realized it wasn't Lennox.
"J- Joe?"
"Delilah, you're here."
I backed up, trying to get back into the club.
He grabbed my arm, gripping it as tight as he could.
"No no, let's talk."
"I have nothing to say to you, I'd appreciate it if you'd leave me alone."
"Don't be that way, I just broke up with my girlfriend, if you're still interested."
"Well, I'm not."
He frowned.
I tried inching towards the club when I heard another voice.
"Oh! You found her!"
I looked, seeing Charlie.
"Ello love."
I gagged.
"Listen, please let me go. I don't know why you won't leave me alone."
"Well it's simple. I feel bad for ditching you on our date, I'd like to make up for it."
"No need, no hard feelings." I lied.
"I think you're lying, come on."
He came close to me. Charlie laughed.
"Stop it, Joe."
"Say my name again."
I turned, trying to figure out an escape plan.
"Say it."
"Leave me alone."
"Come on, baby."
I raised my knee, trying to hit him, but missing.
"Nice try, but not so soon, can't we wait until we get back to the house?"
"Stop!" I screamed, hoping somebody would hear me.
"I think you should keep going." Charlie egged him on.
"No, I think you should stop, right now."
A voice said, the accent gave it away.
Joe cackled. "Oh, Lennox, don't be a hero."
Lennox seemed terrifying. He stepped closer to Joe, and I felt his grip get tighter.
I winced. Lennox saw my face.
"Let her go."
Joe tested him. Touching my hip, slowly sliding his hand down.
I whimpered. "Joe stop, please."
"See, listen, she likes it, listening to that whimper. She doesn't want me to stop."
"She said stop."
Joe continued pushing Lennoxs' buttons, putting his hand up my shirt.
"What the hell is going on?"
Another voice called.
Lennox turned, as well as Joe and Charlie.
"Oh, you're just in time, Jeydon."
Jeydon stepped towards me, taking in what was happening.
"Your girlfriend was just saying how much she craves my touch."
Jeydons' eyes searched mine. I felt a tear go down my face, I was so scared. 

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Jeydon as Himself. Herself.
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