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Dangers Back. (Sequel to Danger)


Kelsey’s Point of View:

Excuse me?” I stared up at, whom I was just told to be Tanner Evans, confused as to how he apparently knew who I was.

His eyebrows knitted together to meet as one, his eyes narrowed down at me. “Am I wrong?”

“Ugh, no—yes—I don’t—” I shook my head. “How the hell do you even know something like that?” I hissed, trying to keep my voice down and calm myself from freaking out. I wasn’t going to lie, I was a bit taken back to say the least.

A smirk fell against his lips. “You’re supposed to know the players in order to win the game, right?”

I gave him an incredulous look, my face contorting the utmost confusion I could muster at this point. “What game? What are you talking about?”

Licking his lips, he shrugged his shoulders, looking at something beyond my reach before casting his blue eyes back down to my brown ones. “You still never answered my question.”

“What question?” I nearly dropped my books to the ground from the amount of nerves that were running through me at once, setting off every warning sign, warning me to get away from him.

“The one I asked you when you bumped into me.”

I opened my mouth to retaliate, my head spinning with countless options on what he could have asked.

“Is your hair brown?” He causally asked out of the blue, his hands now held behind him as one as he peered down at me through his lashes.

I numbly nodded, too engaged with what was going on to speak.

“Do you have brown eyes?”

I swallowed. “Yes.”

“Do you go to Campton University?”


“Is Justin Bieber your boyfriend?”

“Yes.” Shaking my head, I was just about to ask him why he was questioning the obvious when I noticed that he has gotten just what he wanted out of me. The point of our conversation now handed right over to him with no hesitation.

The bastard had tricked me.

Grinning, he was just about to say something else when Carly interrupted.

“I found it!” She squealed from behind, probably holding her phone out for visionary but I was too engrossed with Tanner to even turn around and see for myself. “Kels—” Carly began, making her way next to me before her eyes fell on the guy standing across from me, a bit too close for comfort if you ask me. “Who are you?”

“I’m Tanner,” He smiled and something about it made my stomach swoop. “Tanner Evans.” He winked, grabbing Carly’s hand and pressing a kiss to it. “And you are?”

“Carly,” She blushed and my mouth nearly fell open in shock. “Carly Risi.”

I mentally slapped her across the face for being so plainly open to a stranger who she had just met or seen for that matter. Not that I was any better but in my defense I was tricked into it.

“Carly… hm,” He paused as if mentally taking note on what her name sounded like, “such a beautiful name for a very beautiful girl,” He suggestively wiggled his eyes, dropping Carly’s hand as it fell back down to her side.

Carly’s eyes glistened in astonishment, completely hazed over by his charm. “Thank you.” She giggled, the red tinted in her cheeks glowing immensely.

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Justin Bieberas Danger/Justin
Lily Collinsas Kelsey

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