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A/N: You guys wanted a part 2 so here you go :)


Harry: You woke up the next morning, still on the floor, and your eyes were very sore and red. Your phone was buzzing on the table; you picked it up and saw who was calling.

Incoming call from: Hazza

You clicked DECLINE and immediately all your messages and missed calls popped up...and they were a lot! 24 missed calls and 30 messages all from Harry. 

No matter how hurt you were you still loved him so you clicked on your messages first.

From Hazza Baby please let me explain!

From Hazza Please pick up your phone!

From Hazza I know you're mad but just give me a chance to explain! Please!

From Hazza At least call me back! please! I love you!

You bit your lip, thinking if you should call him back or not, and just then Louis was calling you.

You frowned but still answered.

"What Louis?" you said harshly; not in the mood to talk to anyone. 

"Your boyfriend has not stopped crying since yesterday and he's getting on my nerves. Come pick him up now." he hang up, not waiting for your answer. 

You sighed and stood up, snatching your car keys from the table.

Harry was crying over me? you thought. 

You didn't bother changing yesterday so you were wearing the same clothes. Ten minutes later you rang Louis' doorbell and the door flew open. 

"Finally! He's on the couch." Louis pointed at the couch where Harry was curled up at.

"Harry come on we're going home." your voice was expressionless but his head snapped towards you.

He got off the couch almost tripping and you could now see his eyes were red and his cheeks were tear stained. A pang of guilt and hurt hit you, as you were the reason he was crying all night but he was the one cheating on you!

You waved at Louis and both, you and Harry, got in the car, you in the drivers seat.

"I texted you many times." Harry said suddenly, out of the blue.

"Yeah I saw the messages." you said flatly.

"And?" he asked, his voice full of hope.

"You have a lot of explaining to do so I suggest you start talking." 

He took a deep breath and began. "Well we would fight every night, so I'd go out drinking and then Ruby saw me one night so she took me to her house since i was wasted and we um did it and then it was regularly. (Y/N) I'm really sorry." 

You were silent after he finished and didn't say a word. 

"Please say something." he was now hugging his knees.

"What do you want me to say Harry? congratulations?" you said, sarcastically.

"That you'll forgive me?" he asked.

"I don't know Harry." you finally arrived at your house and you both got out of the car. 

You were about to unlock the door when he pinned you against the wall. His green eyes were watery and his lip was trembling.

"I'm sorry." he gently placed his lips over yours as he cupped your cheeks. You could taste something salty after a while and you knew he was crying. You pulled back and saw tears streaming down his face. You wiped them away, the whole time staring into each others eyes, as he burst into full crying now. 

"I-Im so-sorry (Y/N)! Please fo-forgive me." he was hiccuping and stuttering as he clung onto you. 

"Shhh." you were rubbing his back, squeezing him tightly.

"Let's go inside and talk about it yeah?" 

The same day you forgave him and he promised he would never hurt you again.


Louis: That morning he woke up with a pain in his back. The couch wasn't that comfortable. You sat next to him, switching on the tv. 

"(Y/N) please let me ex-"

"You have two minutes Louis." 

"Well that picture is photoshopped I swear! and if you look at the time I wasn't even at that club! I was here with you! Please believe me, I swear I'm telling the truth! Be my carrot queen again?" the last part made you chuckle. 

You turned to face him and you saw him pouting with his big, blue eyes sparkling.

"Louis don't give me that face, please!'' you tried to look away but he crashed his lips on yours.

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One Direction Pref: He cheats on you (part 2)


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