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One Direction Imagines/Preferences :) <3




You look around the club, searching for your friends who were half an hour late. 

You unlock your phone, checking for messages.

'Aww, babe, you stood up?' A voice says. 

You turn to see, Jay McGuiness, sitting on the barstool next to you.

'Uh, no. My friends are late' You look back at your phone.

'Hey, I'm not judging! If you're stood up, I'm right here' He winks.

'Thanks but no thanks' You smile sarcastically, getting ready to leave.

'Camaan, one dance?' He grabs your hand stopping you.

'Jay, you old dog! I think she rejected you or was that not clear?' A very familiar voice speaks.

You're absolutely stunned to see Harry Styles from One Direction when you turn around.


'Really. Babe, do you want to go out with him?' Harry asks you.

'Uh, no' Still in awe of Harry's presence and at the fact he called you 'babe'.

'There you go. Now hands off and goodbye' Harry smiles smugly.

Jay stares at him coldly, leaving.

'Sorry about that. He's a bit of an ass' Harry grins.

'Thank You. Btw I love you!' You say, hugging him.

'Thank you love. Mind if I buy you a drink?' He laughs, atrracted by your fowardness.

'Ofcourse' You smile.



'I love this song!' You jump up, grabbing Zayns hand. 

'Come dance!' You pull. 

'You go ahead' Your best-friend smiles at you.

'Sure?' You ask, already moving to the music. 

He nods.

You run to the dancefloor and join the crowd, moving to the music.

Suddenly you feel your personal space being invaded. Someone almost grinding against you.

You turn around to see Max George.

Your eyes widen.

'Wanna dance?' He comes closer.

You knew Zayn hated him more than anyone else, so you try to make a quick exit. 

'Sorry, I need to get going' You turn around.

'One dance' He grabs your wrist, grinning.

'Get your fucking hands off her'  

Zayn snarls, suddenly standing beside you.

'Oh, It's Zayn Malik from Faggot Direction' He laughs. 

'I'll dance with whoever the fuck I want. Go away' He smirks.

'Get.Off.' Zayns eyes telling him not to mess around.

'What's your problem Malik? She your girlfriend?'

'Yes' He answers.

You look at him surprised, but say nothing.

'See I don't think that's true' He smiles, having caught your expression.

'See I'm pretty sure you don't want your ass kicked in public and have it all over the news yeah? So fuck off' Zayns hands, now rolled into fists.

He looks at Zayn, fear in his eyes, though he tries to hide it.

He loosens his grip, defeated and walks away.

'You alright?' Zayn asks, tone softer.

'Yeah' You reply softly.

'Let's dance?' He smiles holding your hand.


'I gotta take this babe' Liam gets up, signalling he's going outside.

You look back at the menu, contemplating what to eat.


You look up to see a familiar face; it's a member from The Wanted but you can't really recall his name.


'My friends bet me I couldn't take a hottie like you home. Prove me wrong?' He winks.

'Sorry, my girlfriends not interested' Liam says, grabbing the seat beside you.

'Oh look here, it's Liam Payne' He says, feigning fear.

'Yeah it is and you are?' Liams tone calm.

His face drops. 

'Excuse me? It's me. Tom Parker' He stammers, obviously embarrassed.

'I'm sorry, who?' Liams shakes his head, a confused expression on his face.

Tom stands there, humiliated, unsure what to do next.

'Goodbye' Liam says simply, giving him a hint.

Liam turns towards you, whispering in your ear 'He'll ever forget that huh?'



You're standing at the bar, awaiting your drinks.

You see Siva from The Wanted approaching, his eye on you.

You look away, asking the bar-tender to hurry up.

'Alright, let's cut to the chase, I like you, you like me, my place or yours?' He grins, obviously having used the line before.

'How about no' You smile, grabbing the drinks.

'Oooh, she bites!'

'That's my girlfriend you're talking to' An annoyed voice says.

'Louis Tomlinson. You're dating this loser? Seriously?' He asks you.

Before you can open your mouth to answer, Louis's hands moves across your waist protectively.

'Yeah, seriously. You have a problem with that?' He raises an eyebrow.

'You know what Tomlinson? I do. I've had it..'

He suddenly stops, seeing Louis yawn.

'I'm bored. You're boring' Louis's face absolutely uninterested.

And with that he turns around, hand across your waist and walks off leaving Siva's ego bruised.



You turn around to see Nathan Sykes walking towards you both.

'Nathan! Hey, how you doin'?' He hugs him.

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