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Twisted Fairytales Story: Snowerella Pig Hood


Twisted Fairytales 

Snowerella Pig Hood

Once upon a time, a beautiful baby girl with skin as white as snow and lips as red as red roses, was born in a small kingdom called Ashklir, the baby girl was given the name Snow White. However, the princess' beauty came with a heavy price; the Queen of Ashklir died after giving birth to the princess although the news saddened the kingdom Snow White's radiant smile warmed everyone's pained heart. It was extremely rare for a fair-skinned child to be born in Ashklir therefore the citizens would serve the most high-class food in the kingdom, the most extravagant decorations and the most expensive gifts during the princess' birthday and to also thank the previous Queen of Ashklir for bringing Snow White into this world. The citizens gave Snow White everything she wanted, so as the result of everyone spoiling her it would not be a surprise if she turned into a SPOILT BRAT will it?

The kingdom suffered due to the princess' selfishness but despite all that they continued to give her the things she wanted even if it meant resolving to thievery. Ashklir's laws were broken several times and moral conduct was no longer used, the King grew tired and tired from solving the kingdom's financial problems and pleasing his only daughter, Snow White. Our princess' did not realise that her selfishness is slowly corrupting the beauty and warmth of Ashklir until a new woman was crowned Queen.

The new Queen was not as beautiful as our princess was however, her heart was a lot more beautiful than Snow White, and she cared about Ashklir's citizens, loved the King and treated Snow White as her own daughter. Snow White was not pleased, despite all the attention she received from the kingdom, she knew their affection and admiration was towards the new Queen. Everyone believed that the new Queen was an angel sent down by God to guide the citizens back to the right path, the citizens adored and loved their new Queen, and Ashklir slowly forgot the beautiful Snow White and her selfishness. The Queen proposed an idea to the King in order to get his innocent daughter back and at once the King agreed although it may seem as if she was planning something evil, the Queen was doing this to make Snow White realise her mistake. 

'Mirror, Mirror on the wall may your truthful voice appear once more' the Queen softly called out. 

'How can I help you sweet Queen of Ashklir?' the mirror questioned. 

'Please give me a beautiful and trustworthy girl to help me guide my darling Snow White' the angelic Queen begged. 

'Your wish I shall grant! Here is a beautiful and a trustworthy girl, her name is Cinderella, use her well my dear Queen' 

'Oh thank you, thank you' the Queen happily said. 

She turned to Cinderella, a beautiful fair-skinned lady dressed in rags, Cinderella smiled sweetly and asked what she must do, the Queen stroke her hair and innocently smiled back. 

'Such a beautiful child' the Queen commented. 

'Thank you Queen of Ashklir' Cinderella shyly replied. 

The Queen chuckled and held Cinderella's hand, 'you will become Snow White's personal maid follow her wherever she may go and obey her. However, only follow and obey her if you believe what she does is correct, you must guide my dear Snow White and try to bring her back to us as innocent as a baby' the Queen carefully explained. 

Cinderella nodded her head in agreement, to the Queen's surprise Snow White got along well with Cinderella, even though Snow White forgot to act like a princess or even a proper woman, her genuine smile came back. The Queen and the King was pleased but this did not last very long. Everyone thanked the Queen once again for not only resolving the financial crisis of the kingdom but also bringing back Snow White's irreplaceable smile. However, Snow White felt used by the Queen, she complained to her father in front of her stepmother that the Queen was using her to make herself look good in front of others, Snow White described her stepmother as a witch. Anger aroused in the room and due to Snow White's remarks her father slapped her across the face then explained that the person she described as a 'witch' is now her mother. Snow White ran to her chamber and cried to her heart's content; Cinderella followed and comforted her broken heart. Snow White turned to Cinderella and forced a smile, Cinderella sweetly smiled back. 

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