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---(a/n)--- Enjoy my second book! It doesn't have to do anything with my first one, but hopefully it isn't as cliché as the other ones. Hope you like it! xx---


 I’ve never been into what other girls are into. I hate shopping, I think dressing up is stupid, and make-up seems like a waste of time. But there is one thing that I seem to get along with girls on. Softball.

Usually, I am playing a sport with the boys. Whether it’s basketball, to baseball, or even doing something strength wise. Like arm wrestling. I beat them every time.

The other reason I don’t usually hang out with girls is all of the drama. Always stabbing each other in the back. Or making up some horrible rumor about them. It’s sick. The worst part is that they don’t confront each other and try to solve it like mature people. Unlike boys who, rarely ever actually fight, but they try to fix it.

Other than that, I’m really cool once you get to know me.

Oh gosh! Where are my manners? (That don’t really exist…)

Well, to start, my name is Keera Calderwood. But everyone just calls me KC. Boyish right? I know. I have brown hair with natural highlights, and brown eyes that have golden specks in them. I really tall for being my age. 6’4. I know. That’s one of the reasons I love sports so much. Being tall can take you far in athletics. I am 18 and the youngest of 4. Two sisters and a brother. To my bro, I’m the little brother he never had. I’m pretty ok with that. I’m trying to get a scholarship to University of Washington. All of my best friends are guys. They’re Nick, Jordan, and Jesse. But surprisingly enough, I have two best girlfriends too. Their names are Taylor and Maddie. They are just as boyish as me. But get this! They’re twins! Oh! And I almost forgot!!! I can eat anything you give me. A horrible nickname I have is vacuum. Because I basically inhale everything.

Nick is the tallest of the group. And he has Bieber hair. Guess who will never let go of that fact? This girl! He is captain of the baseball team and is every girl’s dream guy. But to me he is a guy who can get beat by a girl in Back Ops. Yes, I am the champ at that game. Be jealous. He is also pretty smart. A lot of prissy fake girls are jelly of me because he is my bestie! Well they can just suck my imaginary pickle! (Oh and I hate to cuss, so I replace swear words with the first food item that pops in my head.)

Jordan is the shortest one of the group. Besides the twins of course. He’s got this little spike at the front of his dyed blonde hair. He dyed it as a dare but ended up really liking it so he kept it. He is the first baseman of the baseball team. (Hint: all the guys play baseball. And I come practice with them so show them up. It’s really quite funny!) He surprisingly has a girlfriend that I nickname cupcake because she is so small, and she has enough make-up on her face to be a cake. The name fit her pretty well. But she doesn’t know the true meaning behind the name and basically thinks I’m a lesbian. I think it hilarious!

Jesse is barely shorter than me so he tries to grow every second of every day to rub it in my face. But we all know that will never happen. He is “my black mofo.” Yes that is his nickname for me. But only for me. He is the center-fielder for the team and is pudding fast! Nothing gets past him. Unless I hit it of course. He doesn’t have a girlfriend, so to everyone else, he is FAG, (Forever Alone Guy Duh!) But he is a totally flirt that fails every time with hitting on girls.

The twins are the same in every way. Both short, but strongly built. Tay is the pitcher and Mads is the catcher on the softball team.  I call em Kit and Dottie from ‘A League of Their Own.’ Only the best movie of all time! The girls are the most sarcastic people in my lives. But that makes our friendship awesome, because I am sarcastic too!

And all the Barbie girls who are so plastic I think they were born in a toy box, are always trying to put me and the girls down. Saying things like, you’re such a guy, or you are a pig! I usually respond with a thank you and a smile. Kill em with kindness is what my father always told me. And I am definitely a daddy’s girl. We are always watching some sort of game and talking sports. Same with my bro and I. It’s always sports or video games.

But back to my story, it’s pretty cray cray. I find myself meeting One Direction, whoever they are at a softball game! They keep on trying to talk to me but I am rude them. Just to get them away from me. Nate, being the stupid burrito he is, gave them my number as a prank. I end up finding myself becoming friends with them. Especially Harry. But I try not to get too close to them for reasons. Not only will they probably leave my like my mom did, but my number one priority is softball. Friends comes second. Just friends. Nothing more. Nothing less.


---(a/n)--- So how do you like it so far? I know it's really boring but it's just to let you guys know about all the characters besides one direction. if you guys have any questions so far don't be afraid to ask!




-AB xx

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Lucy Haleas KC
Olsen Twinsas the twins
Zac Efronas Nick
Corbin Bleuas Jesse
Ross Lynchas Jordan
Harry Stylesas himself
Niall Horanas himself
Louis Tomlinsonas hinself
Liam Payneas himself
Zayn Malikas himself

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