Emblem3 Clean and Dirty #Imagines

I got it off tumblr. And i find these quite disturbing. (Just saying.) K bye.


Wesley had just gotten back from tour, and he hadn't even suggested you and him having sex. You were so horny while he was gone and he knew that because almost every day you and him would sext. He knew what he was doing to you, and you hated that. It was 11 at night and he had just gotten back from hanging out with the boys you were laying in the bed with only a tee shirt on. He came into the room and layed down next to you. You put your hand on his chest and slowly rubbed downwards to his crotch. You looked up he was biting his lip. You kissed his neck and whispered "you know you want me." You took off his shirt and kissed down his toned abs. You got to his pants and pulled them down along with his underwear. You licked his tip slowly "ugh, quit teasing." He moaned. You took all of him in your mouth, he gasped. You started bobbing your head up and down he was moaning loudly, he was about to cum you pulled away. He sighed. "i want you to cum inside me." You said. "not now baby, you teased me now you get your punishment. He stuck two fingers inside you a kept them there. You moved your hips trying to please yourself. He smacked your ass "no you little slut." You moaned. "baby please." He took his fingers out and made you lick them. He kissed you until he was at your tits he swirled his tounge around one while massaging the other. He then kissed down you stomach and got to your clit. He licked it lightly. "WESLEY GET INSIDE ME!" you yelled. He thrust inside you making you gasp. He thrust inside side you were about to cum. "don't cum." He said. You tried holding it in. He came inside you, moaning your name which made you cum

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Wesley Stromberg☺ DIRTY IMAGINE


Keaton Stromberg as Himself
Wesley Stromberg as Himself
Drew Chadwick as Himself
Y/N as You!

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