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Funny as funny gets

Dedicated to
David Davidus Kim

David Davidus Kim I'm gay 9 hours ago via Facebook for Windows Phone · Like · 

Gerardo Waldo Martinez, Kenny Strong, Shannon McDowell and 2 others like this.

Travis Summerour yup 9 hours ago · Like

Alex Helfrich totally 8 hours ago · Like

David Davidus Kim ‎... My Sister is a Fag.. 7 hours ago · Like

David Davidus Kim Jane if your Reading this with my phone right now.. Screw YOU 7 hours ago · Like

LaMario Evans Wow your sister sucks. 7 hours ago · Like

David Davidus Kim Yea, No kidding 7 hours ago · Like

Gerardo Waldo Martinez REVENGE CRIT 7 hours ago · Like

Alex Brooks divid it's nice to see your being honest. Is thaaat why you died your hair? 6 hours ago · Like ·  1 person

David Davidus Kim ‎^ hahaha.. You So funny..... *David * Dyed << you spelled them wrong 6 hours ago · Like

Alex Brooks idc 6 hours ago · Like

LaMario Evans Um Alex if he was gay and dyed his hair wouldn't it be a more a more fruity color like blue,pink,lime green etc.? 6 hours ago · Like

David Davidus Kim Alex Prob Wish i was Gay so he could try Seduce me.... GGAAAAYYYYY 6 hours ago · Like

Alex Helfrich you know, maybe you should go fruity... a little more VIBRANT orange... No homo. 5 hours ago · Like ·  1 person

Gerardo Waldo Martinez Get a bright pink mohawk, I dare you. 5 hours ago · Like

Alex Brooks no 3 hours ago · Like

Alex Brooks get it a rainbow mohawk that goes all the way across you head! 3 hours ago · Like Gerardo Waldo Martinez Get two 3 hours ago · Unlike ·  3 people

Kenny Strong JENNIFER WAS RIGHT! 2 hours ago · Like

Alex Brooks who was wrong? 2 hours ago · Like

David Davidus Kim Jennifer was right about what? 51 minutes ago · Like

David Davidus Kim Stop liking this Status you gay nerds 50 minutes ago · Like

Alex Brooks everything 50 minutes ago · Like

David Davidus Kim Define Everthing in a Sophisticated way for all of us to understand. 43 minutes ago · Like

Alex Brooks everything is all things 43 minutes ago · Like

David Davidus Kim nope try again 43 minutes ago · Like

Alex Brooks  –pronoun

1.every thing or particular of an aggregate or total; all.
something extremely important: This news means everything to us.
...See More 41 minutes ago · Like

David Davidus Kim Nope no copy pasting from 40 minutes ago · Like

Alex Brooks no 39 minutes ago · Like

Alex Brooks i can 39 minutes ago · Like

Alex Brooks b/c thats wat phosisticated peeps do 39 minutes ago · Like

David Davidus Kim No i dont accept it soo looks like you failed 38 minutes ago · Like

Alex Brooks but u 2 sucky to figure out the definition for it so u need to look it up 38 minutes ago · Like

Alex Brooks no 38 minutes ago · Like

Alex Brooks u did 38 minutes ago · Like

Alex Brooks b/c u suck to much to kno wat it is n the first place 38 minutes ago · Like

David Davidus Kim how are you telling me about copy pasting when you just did it.. this very hypocritically. 37 minutes ago · Like

Alex Brooks no 37 minutes ago · Like

Alex Brooks b/c u imply u didnt know wat everything meant in the first place 37 minutes ago · Like

Alex Brooks implying u suck 36 minutes ago · Like

Alex Brooks thas y u let yo sis puck u around 36 minutes ago · Like

Alex Brooks ‎*push 35 minutes ago · Like

Alex Brooks ESTNEIRATUSFRATER 35 minutes ago · Like

Alex Brooks yes i would 32 minutes ago · Like

David Davidus Kim ok ok Mr washe washe, IMPLYING that i dont know what everything mean and your the one who copied from i'm wonder how you grasp this unfaithful encounter you have occur in your Such simple life. You wouldn't really understand a older sibling. 32 minutes ago · Like

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