The Stovall Twins

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Soooo I was watching this show called Evil Twins and they talked about these twins called the Stovall twins and they were obsessed with war and such and they would always get in trouble. And I thought of maybe putting my own twist in this story;) The story interested me a lot and I thought maybe I could write a story bout it. The cover was made byyyy FallingForYou21! and can you guess who those twins are on the cover? They're some famous youtubers...

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      “You’re either with us or against us, Elle.” Michael said. His dark brown eyes stared deep into my blue eyes.

    They were fugitives, Joel and Michael. Their names were known throughout the entire state of Colorado, and spreading faster throughout the states. They had guns, they were dangerously sexy, they had killed, and they were on the run.

    They’re leaving Colorado today; I had always been their closest friend, their next door neighbor.

    Stay here and always wonder what would’ve happened if I did go?                           

    Or live a life of a criminal; be known all over the U.S and have an adrenaline rush every day. A life full of guns, drugs, and violence. I didn’t plan on losing them, and what else would I do if I stayed here?

  “I’m with you.” I confirmed. They both looked at each other and smirked. Just like they did when I first met them.

  “Are you sure Elle? You’ve always been such a good girl,” Michael teased.

  “And to live with the new bad boys of America?” Joel finished. I rolled my eyes and nodded my head.

    Michael grabbed his rifle and sat in the back of the truck they had covered with black paint, hiding the original red color. Joel got into the driver’s seat and I hopped into the passenger’s seat. Joel started the car and reached into his bag; he pulled out a hand gun.

  “Take this,” Joel said handing it to me. “You’ll need it.” He finished as he drove onto the freeway, driving away into the night.

    I could still hear the faint sounds of sirens, the sounds of guns shooting, and the shouts of my name being called.

    I was probably going to have to get use to it, because then again, I’m living with the Stovall twins.

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Avril Lavigneas Elle Beckham
Jack Harriesas Michael Stovall
Finn Harriesas Joel Stovall
Ariana Grande as Dakota Edmund
Jamie Campbell Boweras Xavier Omeria
Vanessa Hudgens as Diane Sherace

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