Zayn Malik [Imagine] ☺


Long Imagine: Zayn Fighting and Break Up Part 2

-Your P.o.v-

Until You heard the door opened. You turn around seeing Zayn smiling. He dropped his bag and came to hug you but You stood up,leaving him clueless.

You looked the ring that Zayn gave to you , You took it out form your finger and throws it at him and he said "What the hell Y/N?". Your left hand are forming a fist and said "You f*cking cheated on me".

The room was in silence and he said "How did You know?" . Zayn wasn't making any eye contact with You. You throw your phone at him and he was shocked that he saw the tweets. 

"Y/N , I was drunk"

"DRUNK?? What the F*ck Zayn , if You love me , drunk or not , YOU WILL NEVER KISS THAT B*TCH"

"Y/N , just trust me , I WAS DRUNK"He shouted and he's gonna burst out crying any minute.

You stood up and walked in front of him and slapped him and you cried and you said:

"You cheated on me Zayn , why should I forgive you , I trusted you , I TRUSTED YOU , but You just go out and kiss an another girl and saying that She'll never know , but No............. SHE' F*CKING KNOW ZAYN , I F*CKING KNOW , I love You and You promised but You broke it , GO OUT WITH YOUR GIRL" 

You pointed at the door and Zayn said "This is my house" "I WORK EVERYDAY JUST TO PAY THIS HOUSE , GO OUT"You said but he didn't move "I F*CKING SAY GO OUT"You shouted again and he leaves crying and whispered "I'm sorry".

You saw him left the room and You collapsed on the room crying because You know You both were hurt but you need to do it.


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