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Lunch time tori pov 

I was sitting between cat and andre.this school is kinda awesome-except that little goth girl jade! She is so mean to me and its my first day for peack sake!"so, cat said killing the silence, do you like it here so far tori?" I nodded kinda trying to not look up at jade who was glaring at me.beck looked at his watch and shot up his eyes."oh i almost forgot, beck said saprised, cat we gotta go work on the black box stage." Cat stared at him confused and than she shot her eyes wide."oh right, cat said badly acting but jade was buying it, i almost forgot lets go hurry." They sat up."see ya guys in a few, beck said kissing jade forhead.beck and cat walked off and angre got a call from his loud granma anf walked away from the its just me and jade staring at each other."ummm, i say awkward, oh i forgot i left my phone in my locker." Okay i led but i was not gonna sit here and just stare at miss thang.she rolled her eyes and took a sip of coffee while i got up and went to my locker.i just stared at it.i don't need to get nothing really.I'll just walk around the school till lunch is over.i walked down the hall and when i passed the janitor closet, i bagged back up.i coulf have sworn i saw someone in there.i peeked through the janitor closet door window and could not belive my eyes.BECK AND CAT WERE MAKING OUT.AND NOT JUST MAKING OUT MORE LIKE SEX! Omfg! I stood there.i could not belive it-i might hate jade but i feel sorry for her.and beck were so caught up in it they didn't even see slowly pulled beck back."easy now, cat giggled but then got serious, beck we can't keep hiding our love for each othervi love you sooo much that i don't want us to stay in secret and think about jade my bff-we've been going behind her back for 3months now." "I know baby, beck said calmly, were gonna work this out okay baby?" She nodded sadly.beck kissed her soft ly and they start making out agian.i walked away in confused and dissapontment.I've been here for one day and its drama.i have to tell jade-but wait she wont listen she hates me-like i care-but still.i can tel her later I just wanna sit back and think this trough. 

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Oh just to be clear, im a bade fan and i like bat too but i like bade more.but to make this story good i had to make cat and beck do that sooo yeah