My sonic.EXE fan story

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Around three years ago, I bought a sonic the hedgehog game. “Sonic the hedgehog 2” the game was for the game cube, which was a bit odd considering Nintendo and Sega hadn’t collaborated with each other at the time they made sprite games and the game cube. I shrugged it off and thought that maybe this was a remake of the game for the game cube console.

I set the tv up, grabbed the controller, plugged it in then got the sonic game. I opened the case to find that the disk was in near perfect condition and the case also had a memory card inside, I glanced at the game cube, I had already plugged my own memory card in but there was this one. In the end I decided to use my own card anyway.

At first, everything turned out fine the game cube did its intro then took me to the menu where I selected the sonic the hedgehog 2 game. The screen loaded and sonic popped up in the green hill zone background with his sign waving his finger at me. Normal. I looked down the bottom of the sign and noticed that there was only one option instead of three the option was “load game” I clicked on it only to have a caption box appear and state that there were no save files for the game.

I had forgotten completely about the other memory card at this time and I said to the screen “well how do you expect me to play if there isn’t a new game option?” then I pushed the A button to take away the caption, only to discover there was now a “new game” option. Confused, I pushed the analogue stick up on my controller to select this option. Another caption appeared stating that there wasn’t enough room on my memory card which was preposterous since a save game for this would only take up two bits of space and I had more than enough room to compensate.

Even more bewildered than before I pressed the button to take the caption away, to again discover something new, sonic wasn’t at his usual place anymore, in fact he was gone. Now before I continue I’m just going to say that when I was at this age, I had a very bad habit of talking to myself or to objects that were in-animate.

I waited, thinking I had caused a glitch of some kind. “where’s sonic?” I said to myself out loud, I pushed all the buttons on the controller, hoping to somehow summon sonic back to his original position. No such luck, since the game wasn’t working properly I had an instinct to check out the memory card that came with the game. So, foolishly, I did. I pulled out my memory card and replaced it with the other I noticed it was quite different from any other memory card I had ever come across in my life. where it should have said how much space it held, the infinity sign was there. The sticker on the front to advertise who made the card was replaced with a demon like sonic, much like the one from “sonic.exe” the only real difference between them was this hedgehogs eyes appeared to be pressed back into the flesh showing pull marks.

I grimaced at the picture I wasn’t a big fan of this sonic sticker, but the card itself looked pretty recent and part of me was dying to try it. I looked back up at the screen and sonic had returned doing the things he should have been doing, except he wasn’t doing his usual trademark smirk, he actually looked pretty freaked out as if him waving his finger was telling me not to put the card in. I had to admit, I was getting pretty scared myself.

I put the card back down in the case and sonic seemed to calm down too. I tried pressing the new game button again and to my surprise it worked and all the save files were free to use. I chose one, and I had a great time, everything was really relaxed and the game seemed to be working with me. I won every boss fight with sonic and tails I was overjoyed at how much fun I was having. It was the best.

Eventually I decided to take a break and leave the game for a while to catch up on my social life, some time during this I invited one of my friends who was a hard core sonic fan to come over to my place we played all kinds of sonic games but one game caught my friends eye. That’s right, sonic the hedgehog 2 I went to go get us some snacks while she set everything up. Big mistake. As I came back in the room with the drinks and food I didn’t bother checking which memory card she had plugged in. I didn’t bother asking until later.