One Love (Austin Mahone)


*Austin's POV*

We were heading home from tour, i bought Aly a ring while we were in LA, she was having my child,i want to marry her the girl of my dreams i just hope she will say yes...

The plane landed in San Antonio Texas, i was glad to be home, i could see fans and our families at the airpost, i could see niall and the boys, me and aly grab our bags and head to our fanilies, i hugged my parents..

*Aly's POV*

We finaly were home in San Antonio Texas, Austin ran to his parents, i ran to mine and my brothers, greg and niall, greg had gotten married while i was away and i was busy with austin to attend the wedding, I could tell Niall missed me he had a tear going down his cheek. "Aly"? I turned to see Austin on one knee and with his hand in his pocket i was shocked. "Aly we have been together for our whole lifes and i knew you were the only girl i wanted to be with and i wanna be with you forever, will you marry me"? My family and austins were smiling brightly. "Yes Austin i will"! Fans were screaming, i hugged austin, he kissed me pasionatly. "C'mon get a room"! Niall laughed, i lightly hit Nialls arm i was so happy that i get to marry my bestfriend, boyfriend, now fiance, i couldnt be any happier ever in my life, Austin made me so happy, i wouldnt have been here if it wasnt for austin.


A/N -- hey MuFinns sorry i havent been updating so much, but ill be updating as much as i can before grad! Love you guys! Byeee!

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