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Date of birth : Sept. 13, 1993

Age: 19

From: Mullingar, County Westmeath, Ireland

Star Sign: Virgo

Relationship Status: Single

Full Name: Niall James Horan

Height: 5"7f

Shoe Size: 8

Nickname: Nialler

Niall's Favourites ----

Film: Grease, The Godfather, and Goodfellas

Body Part: His Eyes

Food: Pizza and Nandos

Album: Crazy Love by Michael Buble

Celebrity Lady: Demi Lovato and Cheryl Cole

Shop: Topman

Drink: Water or Coca-Cola

Color: Blue & Green

TV Show: Two And A Half Men

Aftershave: Armani Mania

Perfume: Chanel Blue, Victoria's Secret

Computer Game: Fifa

Iphone App: Flick Kick Football, Sky Mobile

Way To Spend A Sunday: Asleep for as long as possible

Date Venue: Nandos

Country: Ireland

Restaurant: Nandos

Way To Relax: Sitting and playing the guitar

Night Out: " In Mulingar with my mates having a laugh."

Band: The Script, The Coronas, The Eagles, The Kooks, The Doors, Thin Lizzy, Take That, and Westlife

Duvet Cover: White with black pattern

Pants: Boxers, Calvin Kleins

First Pet: Two goldfish called Tom and Jerry

Niall likes the company of others and he also likes being by himself sometimes.

Type of Girl: "I like someone who can take a bit of banter, have a laugh, and who likes the same things as me - if you go out with me you have to want to come to a football match. I support Derby Country and I always have. I like the natural look."

Facts about Niall HORAN :-

One of Niall's new year's resolutions for 2012 is to have a girlfriend. 

Niall wants to change his hair back to its natural brown. 

He does not drink fizzy drinks. He prefers water and pints. 

"What's the cheekiest thing Niall's ever got away with?" Harry & Louis: "Everything he does."

Niall says the scariest thing to ever happen to him was when he and Liam were mobbed in New York City 

"Katy Perry still gets me every time. She's very funny in person! We met at the Teen Choice Awards and she pulled my cheeks apart and told me how cute I was. My life was literally flashing before my eyes!"

Niall once went to McDonald's and ordered a quarter pounder, 6 nuggets, and a cheeseburger.

He goes after the shy girls.

Fan: "If you were a rapper, what would your name be?" Niall: "NDizzle." Louis: "MC Tommo."

Niall looks for his future wife in a crowd.

"When I was 12, all my friends had girlfriends and I didn't. I felt so lonely, I asked my mum to date me.

Interviewer: "Boobs or bum?" Niall: "Her heart."

Besides the guitar, Niall also wants to be able to play the drums.

Niall will probably get the barcode tattoo that he wants.

"There is no way I will hate the fans, everything about them is lovable."

He thinks he would be the soppy one in the relationship.

Niall has a cat named Jess.

Niall was followed by 300 girls while shopping at a mall in Atlanta.

In concert, Liam joked that if Niall had to name a kitten, he would probably name it Demi lovato.

He is a loud shower singer.

Niall skypes his family and close friends from their tour bus.

Niall has confirmed that he and Demi had a couple Skype dates.

A fan gave Niall a copy of "Fifty Shades of Grey" but he only read one page and put it away.

Once, Zayn did a Justin Bieber dance move and Niall fangirled like crazy!

Niall's favorite thing about being in a band is getting free things.  

His least favorite is being away from his family while touring.

Niall confirmed that he is not seeing anyone currently.

Niall has admitted to master bating on the tour bus.

He said that if he could have any celebrity sit on him, it would be Jennifer Lopez.

When Niall was in LA one time, he got Obama toilet paper. 

What's your favorite food? Niall: "That's a good question. Chicken's good. I like anything with chicken. Southern fried chicken. Chicken wings. Barbecue chicken..." 

Niall called a group of fans waiting for him at the airport a "shower of c*nts". Despite the fact that the phrase means "a group of annoying people" and is used in a joking way, Niall still apologized. 

Niall only ate mashed potatoes for dinner after he got his braces because they hurt. 

Out of all the boys, Niall spends the most time on Twitter. 

Niall gets scared around big groups of people. Louis says he gives Niall a cuddle to make him feel better. 

Niall can describe himself in one word - "Irish" 

"They think Niall and I flirt while talking on Skype but in reality, all he does is eat in front of the webcam" - Demi Lovato 

"I wanna run around Times Square naked." 

"I think if the Little Mermaid was human, she'd be hot."

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