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[ON HOLD] I'm The Harajuku Barbie

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Holaa Amigos !

So yupp this is ma new story ! It's NOT A SKET STORY ! I'll say it again for you guys who missed that. THIS STORY IS NOT A SKET STORY! Lol okay anywhoo I'm not that sure where this story is gonna go but imma just go with the flow ~~~~~~~~ if it fails epically well then sorry :S ! Inspired by Nicki Minaj because of all the haters she has out there ! She's da best !! Whooo GO NICKI ! This story will be published, so you try to steal it, PREPARE TO BE HOMELESS ! Utter Nonsense ! Yeah so I'm gonna stop talking now and let you read the story :) ENJOY !

I'm The Harajuku Barbie

Chapter 1

Go Hard

My tears have dried, And I know that no weapon formed against me will prosper. And I truly Believe that my haters are my motivators. - Nicki Minaj.

Name: Amarilis (Am-arh-ra-liss Meaning Brave, Beautiful, Amazing ) Nardia Michelle Jones

Nickname : Nicki, after Nicki Minaj - Cause I love her 

Age : 16 turning 17 Next year !

1/2 Congolese, 1/4 Domincain & 1/4 Jamaican

I'm kinda light skinned, but not light light skinned, urgh I am NOT one of thos girls who get gassed just cause they're light skinned. I think the darker you are the prettier cause my co-dee is dark and she's SEXY!! No homo.

Hazel Eyes

Hair: Black, abit of red streaks in it, Curly (When I don't straighten it) & Soft.

'Nuff bout me, I'm gonna tell you my story.

I'm Going tell you why they call me The Harajuku Barbie.


"Yo Ma Sexy Motherfuckaa!" My Co-dee Jess screamed as she ran the corridoor and hugged me.

"Hey Babes." I hugged her back.

We linked arms and walked to our form room.

"DAYUM you've burnt in Jamaica!"

"Fuck you bitch." I punched her arm "It's called a TAN it'll wear off seeing I'm back in this cold place we call London."

"Ahliee, I wish I went to Jamaica for the summer! I see how you left me! ANYWHOOO WHAT DID YOU GET ME?!"

I stopped walking and screwed her.

"Honey that's not a good look for you." She pointed out.

I laughed out loud, "Whatever! Come over to ma house after school and you're gift will be in my room fool."

"Amar!" I heard someone shout. Jess and I turned round and my hench brother Devonte ran up to us.

"I didn't know you were called Amarilis." He said looking at Jess. She screwed him and kissed her teeth.

"ANYWHOO! What did you want?" I asked Devonte.

"Borrow me a pound." He begged.

"Skeeen what kinda yam have you been buying?!"

"Please I'll pay you back."

"Urgh fine..." I gave in.

Kissing my teeth I got out my purse and searched for a one pound. You see I've got like 10 & 20 pound notes in my purse so yeah...I hardly have any coins. "Broke Ass Nigga." I muttered under my breath.

"What did you say?" Devonte rasied an eyebrow.

"Nothing." I smiled sweetly and handed him the pound.

"Safee Young onee." He jogged down the opposite direction.

"KMT young onee you know." I rolled my eyes and we carried on walking.

"Lmao I feel sorry for you, your brother is a piss-taker, I wonder how you cope at home..." Jess said looking back.

"I wonder myself too you know..."

We walked pass Shavuan his mandem. "Yo Barbie!" He shouted. I could tell he was talking to me. I aired him and kept on walking.

"Nahh you mocked it, come here you know I'm talking to you Nicki!"

I turned around and screwed.

"Amar leave him man, your better than that."

"Don't get vex, don't get vex, don't get vex." I kept whispering to myself. I took a deep breath and put my middle finger up. Then all you here is deep voices going ooohhhhh! Skeen dickheads.

"Aww babes why you being like that? You werent' like this when you were at my yard last week." He shouted.


"EXCUSE ME!" I marched over there and stood in front of his face.

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