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"Well?" Dad pushed. "What are you doing in a fountain? You're dripping wet!"

"I...I just...testing the water. I'm testing the water." I decided to myself, lying to my dad.

"Testing the fountain water?" Dad repeated. "Why?"

"I...uh," I paused for a second, trying to think of something. "Thought I saw a fish."

"A fish?"

"Yes, it could've eaten a poor little toddler whole." I nodded. Dad peered over the fountain. 

"I don't see any fish, Farrah." He raised his eyebrows, tapping his foot like we were in a movie.

"Must've been a shoe." I lied again. "Silly mistake!"

"There are no shoes either." Dad rolled his eyes at my lame excuses.

"I tripped?" I whimpered. He sighed, shaking his head.

"Who's this then?" Dad ignored my idiocy, turning to Cameron. Cameron stood up, his clothes weighing down, letting a load of water fall and make a big spash- getting my dad's trousers speckled with water. I snorted, trying to cover it up with a very unrealistic cough.

Cameron proceeded to stick out a hand to my dad. "Cameron Carter, sir. You're Farrah's dad, obviously."

"Obviously?" Dad echoed. "Yes, well. Are you my daughter's boyfriend?"

"No!" I cried. "Not at all."

"We're just friends, sir." Cameron explained.


"Right, and I suppose you tripped as well?" Dad demanded.

"No, Farrah pulled me in." Cameron grinned at me mischeviously. He didn't see my face fall- my dad hated immature behavior. He was always so strict. 

"Farrah Poppy Chambers!" Dad exclaimed loudly. "What a mean thing to do to your friend!"

Cameron chuckled, not understanding my dad was serious. I was at a loss for words. Cameron didn't understand what was going on, he didn't know my dad. Without Troy or my mom here, I was stuck. Why was my dad here anyway? He lived on the other side of town.

"Why are you here?" I wondered out loud. 

"I came to do some shopping." Dad told me.

"Here? But you don't live in this area." I insisted. 

"I was on my way to see you and your brother." Dad informed me. I groaned inwardly.


"W-why?" I stammered.

"After your little, 'incident' the other day, I wanted to talk to you two and your mother." Dad tutted.

"Incident?" Cameron inquired.

"Farrah and Troy were supposed to be staying with me, and ran off during the night." My dad told Cameron through gritted teeth. I gulped.

"Oh, is that when you turned up to-" Cameron began. I shook my head desperately. He stopped talking, leaving an eerie silence.

"Where do you live, boy?" Dad boomed at Cameron.

"Just down the road from you." Cameron replied. 

No, no, no.

"Me? How do you know where I live?" Dad roared.

"Oh...I thought you- never mind. Sorry. I thought you lived with Farrah." Cameron shrugged. Dad winced, he hated shrugging.

"Yes, well," Dad hmmph-ed. "I don't."

Cameron bowed his head, looking at his feet. I would've smiled because of how cute he looked like that, but I was too scared of my dad.

Cute? Again? Dammit Farrah! Pull yourself together!

Dad was still looking at Cameron, who was oblivious to the fact my dad still wanted an answer. 

"He lives down the road from us, dad." I stammered. 

"Right then, you can come with us. Hannah's in the car too. You can sit in the back." Dad told us.

"What about Rolo?" I piped up, feeling Rolo's paw on my shoe.

"Ugh." Dad groaned. "He can come too. You'll all have to sit on the blankets in the trunk."

"Blankets? But we're not dogs- except the actual dog, Rolo." Cameron laughed. Dad gestured at our dripping wet appearance, and I blushed furiously. We left the mall for the parking lot, and I begged Cameron wouldn't do anything else stupid that day.


We got to my dad's shiny blue car, and I saw Hannah, the blonde bimbo in the front seat, admiring her hot pink nails. She reminded me of a human barbie doll- I thought that was what Troy had called her multiple times before. Dad tapped on the window, making Hannah jump. She undid the window, peering at me and Cameron.

"Farrah?" She sounded disgusted. "And my, Troy, you've changed a little since a few weeks ago."

"I'm...not Troy." Cameron smirked. I prayed he wouldn't laugh or insult her.

"Oh!" Hannah chirped. "Silly me! So, who are you then?"

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Tame: 18


Zoella (Youtuber)as Farrah Chambers
Sean O'Donnellas Troy Chambers
Joshua Anthony Brandas Jason Evans

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