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Help Me, Please? *One Direction Fanfic*

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I had legitimate excuses for my absence. It is in the end notes thingy thingy.


Shit. You guys must hate me for not updating in two freaking weeks. Don't think I have forgotten, every night I think about this and it freaks me out. I am so sorry! I hope not posting will never happen again. Wow that is one confusing sentence. 



Shoutout to erinjane10 it was her birthday Tuesday!!







The door creaked open and what I saw shocked me.  

I wasn't expecting what I saw when I walked in: Louis, Niall, and Liam were tied and gagged.  

My eyes widened.  

Oh my gosh.  

What the hell?!  

I don't even know what to say or think besides:  

What the hell?!  

Niall screamed something through his gag, shaking me from my thoughts.  


"BWHEIND WUOO!!" he screamed again, thrasing at his binds.  

I couldn't understand what he was saying.  

"Wha-" I stopped mid-sentence when I felt a cold and clampy hand grab my shoulder.  

Oh shit.  

What the hell?!  

Now what?  

"Looks like we forgot lover boy here. Thought you were gonna be a no-show!" Jim snarled in my ear as a wet cloth was placed over my mouth, making the world around me fuzzy.  

What the hell?!


Zayn's POV:  


Uggghh. My mind feels like it is going to explode. Ow.   

Those. People.   

I just want to get my hands on them and...and...and strangle them. I know that is harsh but they deserve it. They didn't have to knock me out, they could have tied me up. Sure I would have put up a fight, hell, I would have probably won, but why knock me out?   

Wait, the first question should be: why were they here? Did they bring Sky??   

Slowly I opened my eyes to flashing lights. Occasionally there was a bump that would send me jerking forward.   


I'm in a car.   


They didn't....oh no.   

Am I being kidnapped?

I closed my eyes and tried to block everything out.

I couldn't be...why me? Why would Matt and Jim want me? 

"Oh my gosh, oh my gosh" a feminine voice chanted from behind me.

I groaned and shut my eyes. The lights hurt my eyes and did not help with my headache.  

"Oh. My. Gosh. Shit. Shit. Shit. Shit" the voice continued whispering.   

I gritted my teeth and tried to ignore them. My head hurt so badly and any sound felt like a jet taking off in my ear. Plus, the thought of being kidnapped didn't help soothe me.   

"Shit. Shit."  

I exhaled deeply, hoping to alert the person that I was awake and annoyed.   

"Shit, shit shit-"  

"Can you please shut it-" I snapped, opening my eyes and swiveling my head to face the voice. When I saw the owner of the voice, I almost had a heart attack. "-SKY?!"  

Her red puffy eyes met mine and I could how frustrated and confused and-let's just say she had a lot of emotions tied up in her brown eyes.   

"I'M SORRY!" she wailed and covered her face with her hands, sobbing.   

I reached out to pull her into an embrace, however, I was tied up.   

Just perfect.  

My hands and legs were tied up limiting my moving to nothing but squirming.   

My heart wanted to break at the sight of Sky crying.   

I don't remember the last time I saw her cry. Wait, I barely even remember the last time I saw her. So much has happened in the past few weeks, it's crazy.   

She sniffled and faced away from me. I feel like she has really distanced herself from me in the past couple of weeks. It's like she was afraid to tell me things. That also made my heart break. She doesn't deserve this.   

She's only fifteen for crying out loud. Fifteen.....  

"Sky, Sky, look at me" I begged, trying to get her to stop crying.   

She shook her head.   

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