My Naughty Step Brother


Chapter one

The night was young I was at a party already drunk, and high as fuck..and oh yeah horny as well. Hey it's not my fault ..drinking makes me horny!! All my friends were already having a one night stand .Maybe I should get a one night stand as well. After all my boyfriend ditched me and is somewhere around here.I was leaning on the kitchen counter ,with a red plastic cup in one hand while the other hand is wrapped around my waist feeling insecure of my tight black dress that only covered half my thigh . My eyes wondered around the room. It was dark and smoke was scattered everywhere from the young mouth blows of teenage cigarettes . My eyes landed on a nice muscular figure in front of me . He was getting a cup of beer and his back was faced towards me . Bingo . A smirk arouse from my lips . I straightened myself up and placed the cup in the counter . Time to put my insecurities aside . I moved forward towards him . My hands snaked its way around his waist . I placed my feet into tip toe with the heels I was wearing making it harder to accomplish my task. I managed enough to balance myself with him as support and reach his ear . "Let's get a room." I whispered softly against his ear . Fuck I suck at being seductive . He'll probably laugh at my face. My hands slipped its way to his belt playing a little with it . He turned around facing me . I couldn't see his face since the lighting was so horrible . His hands began to shape my figure trying to feel my body . I felt his fingers lightly brush down my chest down to my thighs making me shiver in pleasure. Wow it's actually working . His dark figure leaned in closer to my ear . "Let's go." He whispered so closely I could feel his hot breath place itself in my earlobe . He grabbed my hips and pushed me closer to his torso until no space existed between us . He moved towards my lips and kissed me harshly . I felt his hand snake around my waist down to my buttcheeks and lifted me up until I was straddling him . I quickly responded back to his kiss. He gently bit my lower lip asking for entrance. I quickly gave it to him. I felt his tongue demand control over my mouth. He eventually won . I felt someone bump my right arm and that's when I noticed he was heading me into the nearest room he could find. How he could kiss intensely and still be able to walk is something I couldn't answer and didn't care at the moment . If I was the one leading I would've probably tripped on a red plastic cup and fall on some fat persons sweaty butthole. Yes , life is that cruel to me. We ended up in a very dark room. Very similar to the outside where the party is taking place. I pulled away gasping for air . He didn't seem to want to stop ,so instead he went back to action this time kissing my neck. His lips coming closer to my collarbone. I ,knowing to well it's my weak point . When he finally reached his distanation a moan escaped my lips ,right when I did so he began to show what my moan created inside his pants . I felt it between my thighs . He took of my shirt and gently kissed me again. I pulled away unwrapping my legs from his waist and kneeling down in front of him while I unbuttoned his pants. When his pants and boxers were completely gone and after I played a little with his 'glory' He picked me up and kissed me once again in my neck sucking and biting surely leaving hickys. More embarrassing moans escaped my lips . I guess that turned him on more ,as a result carefully , and roughly layed me down on the bed and he swiftly took off the remaining of our clothing. He roughly then began to kiss me down my belly . Leaving gentle sloppy trail of kisses. When a thought came to me , I didn't even know who the fuck I'm about to screw! I tried to look down and see who it was but the room was to dark I could'nt see very clearly . I felt his hands place small circles in my clit and all thoughts were lost . Another embarrassing moan escaped . I felt his big buddy enter me between my legs ,I moaned in pain and pleasure . He bent down to hush me by having a quick make out scene before he went back into me. Wow this feels amazing.

I woked up by the sunlight in my eyes. When I opened my eyes my head felt like someone smashed me with a hammer! I tried to stand up , to put cold water in my face . Rubbing my eyes to adjust to light . I felt a heavy hand holding my waist. I turned slowly to see who it was. When I saw who. I screamed in disgust . I slept with my brother!!!! But I gotta admit . He was good . Jk NO! That's disgusting psh I didn't even like it . (Note the sarcasm )

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