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Slendy X Jeff - Cursed


Note: Please look into the characters Jeff (From "Jeff the Killer" creepy pasta) and Slenderman/Slendy (from various Slenderman creepypastas and of course games around the internet) before reading to have a better understanding of who and what they are. I have made a few changes, i.e. made it so Jeff does have eyelids and a smile that can move to fit his emotions but still look scary and such + made it so Slendy can change the form and texture of his swirly black tentacle thingies. 

WARNING: if you don't like boy x boy or slashy or just plain weird stuff, I would stop reading nOW. No hate or judging plz - I write to entertain.

Anyway, I hope this is enjoyable, sorry if it repeats itself or at some points doesn't make sense or if there are loads of spelling and grammar mistakes I suck at spotting them out while proof reading. KBAI.



She ran. Fast. Screaming and crying.

Jeff's permanent smile grew even more as he waited.

All she needed to do was trip, and then it would be time to make his move.

She looked back, stumbled over her own legs and cascaded down to the floor.

Jeff quickly approached her and grabbed her head with his hand already covered in blood from previous victims.

"Let... let go of me!" She screeched, trying to back away from him. All Jeff could do was laugh.

"Nope." He tightened his grip on her head and pulled her up by her blonde hair.

Her eyes were large and strained, her mouth was shaking, dribbling with terror as she stared at the manipulated figure's face in front of her - skin as white as snow, as if burnt to the bone, a permanent grin carved into the beings face and the wide dark circled eyes staring directly into hers. She couldn't stop shaking, it was too horrific to even imagine.

Jeff tilted his head and got out a knife slowly out of the pocket of his hoodie.

"You don't look so good." He teased, pulling her hair more.

She frantically fidgeted, trying to move away from the monstrous human, if that was what you could call it, in front of her.

Jeff tightened his grip on her hair then brought the knife so it was tracing right on her neck, almost piercing it.

"Nu-uh-uh... You're too tired to be doing that." Jeff brought his face to which he felt was beautiful closer to her made up one.

"Go to sleep." He ordered, using his famous words.

And with those words, the woman drew her final breath.

Once Jeff was sure she was no longer alive, he removed the blade and returned it to his pocket. He brushed his dark long black hair in front of his face and then put his hoodie over his head, becoming anonymous once again. Surrounding people would have heard the screams by now; Jeff needed to escape before any unwanted visitors came. Of course, Jeff would have had no problem dealing with extras but... right now he just wanted to get some rest of his own. He hadn't slept for a couple of nights. If he wasn't careful, he could very well end up in the hands of...

Bright lights suddenly pierced through the bushes Jeff was standing near – The residence of the victim would be the first place the ones searching for Jeff, the police, would be of course. She had screamed a lot more than Jeff expected. He sighed and quickly hurried into the forest over the wired fence, not noticing the ‘beware’ sign crumpled on the ground…

The lights and the sounds of dogs barking as well as police officers ordering one another to spread out and find the serial killer. They always knew it was Jeff. Jeff’s victims all died with craved smiles on the faces.

Jeff quickly hid behind a large tree, adrenaline coursing through his veins, despite being as tired as he was. The lights were headed in the opposite direction, he was going to loose them… His smile grew again as he saw one policemen slip right past him but head back to the main group.

Jeff looked ahead, facing the countless number of trees in front of him. One stuck out from the rest though – the one almost a meter away from him. He slowly edged towards it and noticed a flailing bit of paper nailed to the tree. He carefully ripped it off and held it in his hand. The note had a simple O symbol inked onto it but was disfigured with the jagged X scratched across it. Jeff raised an eyebrow – what on earth was this doing in the middle of a thick forest like this? What made Jeff think even more was that he could have sworn he had seen it before... It was unsettling looking at it, let alone touching it.

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