Lost my virginity to my dad

"Dad we need to talk, I just went to the doctors and..."
"And what sweetie?" My father said with worry in his eyes.
"You got me pregnant."

My father almost fainted when I told him the news. He sat down on the creaky old couch and I think he was crying. His head was rested in his hands while he was hunched over.

"Baby girl, this could make the baby have serious birth defects because we are related"
"I know dad but I want to keep the baby. I'm not going to kill this poor babies life"
"But sweetie we can't raise a child together! You are still a child yourself! I don't know if I can do this again, I already let your mother down when you were born! I was never there to help!"
"Daddy you have to promise to me that you will take care of this baby with me no matter what is wrong with the baby."
"Alright baby girl....I promise."
Do you guys think that was the right decision or was it to predictable? I have 713 reads on this book so far and you are all silent! Please comment! I need help!!!!!
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