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Thicker Than Blood


Chapter 1


I listened to the sound of our footsteps as we walked down the deserted street.  So close.  Almost there.  I quickly bit my lip and glanced at the boy beside me.

He was your average cute guy, I guess. The typical blond hair, blue eyed athlete.  Extremely well built. 

"So you enjoyed the movie?" he asked hesitantly while speeding up our pace towards his house.

Small talk?  Really?

"Um, yeah.  So, Mike.." I began with uncertainty.

"Jake," he corrected while turning his face eagerly towards me.  He didn't seem to mind my mistake.

"Right, Jake.....," I sighed impatiently.  "I'm getting kinda tired of walking.  Can we stop for a second?  I need to rest."

He frowned.  "I offered to call a cab."

I shrugged and leaned carelessly against an alley wall while taking off my tiny heels.  "No, I want to walk.  It's so romantic to stroll under the stars...don't you think so?"

"Absolutely" he smirked while leaning up to the wall beside me.

I took a step back and watched with excitement as he took a step closer towards me. He drew me close to him and whispered, "Let's do something, Natalie.  We  have been dating for two weeks and all we do is go out!"

I cocked an eyebrow and shoved him deeper in the alley against the cold stone wall.  "Okay, Jake.  Let's do something."

Before his thoughts could go anywhere else, I took charge.  His closeness began taunting me and the urge became too much.  I grabbed his collar and pushed my lips onto his.

He tried to force his tongue into my mouth but I ignored it and slowly let my lips crawl from his lips, to his chin, to his throat.....

Suddenly, a small chuckle came from deeper in the alley.  I turned away from my date and looked with excitement towards the dark figure looming just a few feet from me.

"Hazel, did not your mother ever teach you not to play with your food?" the intruder teased.

"She might have," I giggled while eying Jake with amusement.  "But I doubt I was paying any attention. You of all people can understand that, Lance."

Jake seemed to be trying to put two and two together.  "Hazel? I thought your name was Natalie?"

I pouted my lip and cradled his head in my hands.  "Shh....none of that now, sweetie.  Right now it's you and me...."

The blue eyes became blurry and Jake stupidly murmured, "You and me..."

No more stalling.  I slowly kissed him on the lips and then swiftly dug my fangs into his neck.

There was a small gasp from my victim, but he quickly sunk into unconsciousness as I drained the life out of him.  I swear there is no better taste in the world than blood.  I sighed in relief and dissapointment as the last drop of blood disappeared down my throat and I kicked the worthless carcass away from me in frustration.

"You really should not allow yourself to get that thirsty.  It isn't good for you," Lance informed me while sitting Jake's lifeless body up in a proper position after my short temper tantrum.

"I know...I know...It's just hard to get away with Aiden always on my back.  Did you hear how he tried to coax some hunters into bringing humans home just for me to feed?!  It's so stupid!" I growled.

Lance gave me a look full of pity and replied, "You know, he is just looking out for his bride, Hazel.  You are still a newborn.  If anything were to happen to you...."

"I can take care of myself," I snapped.  "Thirteen months is a pretty good time period to learn some self control."

"Not true," Lance sighed and flipped his long red hair out of his face.  "I have been awakened for a little over four decades now and still have not even learned the definition of self control."

"And you wonder why Aiden has so little faith in you," I retorted calmly while wiping my mouth, picking up my shoes, and walking out of the dark alley.

Lance seemed to bristle at that and I watched curiously as his dark brown eyes flared up in anger.  "I am the best Aiden has and he knows that.  I am the last person whose faith is in question.  Tell me, princess.  When do you plan on telling him about your little dates with humans?"

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Thicker Than Blood: Chapter 1


Megan Foxas Hazel
Brad Pittas Aiden

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