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Arranged Marriage•••••••A Princeton Story



'Good Morning,you wanted to see me?'

'Yes.'she smiled and geustred towards the seat as she sat.

'What is it?'

'Well,don't mind Jacob.He will get around.'

'Oh it's fine really.'I put on a fake smile,hopping she'd buy it.

'Great!I want you guys to spend some time together today.'


'It's going to be fine!'

I smiled and left.I knocked on his door,he opened it in only boxers!I covered my eyes and said''We need to talk.'he opened the door and let me in.I removed my hands and opened my eyes.I dusted off the bed and sat'You better put some clothes on!'he sighed stumbling about.He sat next to me but I moved away'What?' 'No shirt,no good.Anyways,your mom wants us to go out today so we will but..-' 'What?!N-' 'Shut up and listen!Drop me off in town and you can go about your day as will I.' he didn't answer for a long time but then said 'Fine.' 'Great.' I smiled and got up but he pulled me back down and slammed me on the bed and got on top of me 'I am going to give you FIVE seconds to get the hell off of me!' he looked at me and smirked! 'FIVE...FOUR...THREE...TWO...ONE!' he didn't budge he just looked into my eyes.I blinked and blinked.He was moving in,my eyes glanced back and forth to his lips and eyes.'KNOCK KNOCK'I pushed him off of me and straightened my self up.'Master-oh you're up.'the maid looked back and forth from me to him and said'Sorry.' 'NO!Don't be!'I bolted out of the room and went outside waiting for him to finish,in the mean time I walked to the pond and looked at the massive fishes that were there.I tilted my head and watched them scurry around.I waved and walked back to the main entrance.Jacob came out with this aggitated look on his face and said'Hurry up!'I jumped and raised my fist,shaking it behind him.His car was a lamborghini.Nice.I went in and buckled up.I looked over at him,he was looking at his phone,rolling his eyes.My phone rang,I looked down and saw it was Alex,my best guy friend.A smile spread across my face,I quickly answered


'Hey!Oh my god I miss you so much!'

'Nope,I definitely missed you more!'

'Oh stop it.So where exactly are you?Found another girlfriend?'I heard unsettling movement.I looked over to Jacob and saw him doing everything aggresively.

'No way!It's only you my love.I'm at an ice cream parlor in town.'

'Oh my god really?!I'll be there!'

'Really?Finally!We can see each other again.'

I giggled'Mhm,bye I love you!'

'I love you too!'

I smiled idiotically and rested my phone down.Jacob started to drive,we finally reached to my destination.I was about to get out until I realized something'Give me your phone..' 'Why?' 'How the hell am I supposed to reach you?' he rolled his eyes and gave me his phone,he put his hand out,I looked at it and gave him my phone.'Smile.'I said as I got my phone back.'Ugh.' he smiled and took his phone up to my face level and snapped a shot.Caught off guard..this is wrong.'Hey!' he stuck his tongue out and was about to save it until I reached my hand out.I realized that the belt was restraining me so I took it off and hopped onto his legs.He moved it back and forth between his hands and started laughing,I was determined but I started to giggle 'Hey no fair.'I pouted and put my head down.He put his arms down and I snatched it 'HA!'I grabbed it and smiled he put his face next to mine and smiled as well,putting up a peace sign.I giggled and took the picture.I set it under my contact and renamed it to ~Cameo Lover~ I realized that he was staring at me as he did earlier.I looked at my position and thought'oops' I pulled my dress down and crawled back to my seat.

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