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Arranged Marriage•••••••A Princeton Story

~Isabel's POV~

'Darling, come down here immediately!' the sound of my fathers voiced echoed off the walls. I rolled off my bed and made myself presentable. I neatend my dress and fluffed my hair. I placed one hand on the other and cupped my fingers together.I walked slowly down the delicate tile floor,my heels clicking.I reached the bottom of the steps and saw my big father smiling down at me.'Yes daddy?'he looked at me and replied'You already know what I am going to ask..'I looked at him with annoyance and lowered my head,here we go again.'Now sweetheart,you are twenty!You need to be married!'I scrunched my face up,he has been asking this same question ever since I turned twenty which was exactly a month ago,'But I am too young'he sighed and said'You were supposed to get married at eighteen but your mother said the same thing!I gave you two whole years!Be thankful!You will be moving in with him.Get to know him whiles you are there,start packing.'I slumped my shoulders and trotted upstairs.I reached the top of the stairs and stomped my foot down and balled up my fist shaking my head.I headed into my room and laid on the bed.'KNOCK KNOCK!'my eyes traveled to the door and I semi yelled 'Come in!'one of the maids stood with a shy posture and said'The King said I have to help you pack..'I gritted my teeth and said'No need.'she wanted to protest but I pointed to the door.She bowed and closed the door gently.I walked over to my balcony,looking at the view of the big land.The coast was clear,no sign of human life.I grabbed the vines and started to climb down,I reached the bottom and landed safely.My hair bounced at I made contact with the ground.I am a casual,normal,well dressed Princess.I am wearing a dress,the straps about one inch thick,the length stopped above my knees.The look was white with yellow flower patterns and the ocasional green from the printed stems.My shoes were wedge shoes with long laces which you wrap around your calf and tie at the back,a pretty little bow.My hair was half pinned to one side,bouncy curls,big, but they were close to my head.My make up was winged eye liner and a daring red lipstick with a hint of pink to them.I wore light jewlry for the outfit was pretty bold itself.I walked to the rose garden,taking in the view,smiling.I bent down and smelled one of the roses,magnificant.I heard some panicked screams behind me and turned my head half way back to the front until I realized they must be looking for me!I started to run.My curls bounced high as I ran,adreniline pumped through my veins.I dodged the many sprinklers and lept over my poodle,I looked back and it raised it's head once it saw me dashing.I turned my head back'Oof'I stopped in my tracks and looked up whiles rubbing my head.My personal driver,Philip had his hands crossed looking down at me.'As much as running on this fine day would sound,I'm sure you've got some business to tend to Your Highness.'I stood up proper and squinted my eyes at him'Philip,I am too young to get married!'he chuckled slightly and said'Well honey I don't make up the rules,it's all part of being part of a Royal family.'I sighed.He was right and we all knew it.I nodded and shuffled back down the path to the Castle.As soon as I entered my father started screaming.I jumped and stumbled a bit holding my ears.He took in a deep breath and said'You know how busy we all are!We can't have you running off iike that.'he told the maids to walk me out.One held a umbrella and the other walked just behind us.As I approached the limo I see that my bags are already packed!I was pissed,that's for sure!I stepped into the limo and turned my head and raised my finger,wanting to make a point but I ended up getting the door slammed in my face 'Rude.'I rested my arms on the windowsill and laid my head down.The breeze felt like a million soft kisses,I smiled to myself until I felt the vehicle come to an abrupt stop.My eyes shot open as I saw this wonderful Castle.There were maids and practically the whole staff outside waiting for my arrival.Philip opened my door and a butler helped me out.I bowed my head and smiled.He returned a small smile and walked me into the entrace of the Castle.I heard voices as I entered,my eyes shot to two men and women.My parents and probably the King & Queen of this Castle.I held my hands together and laid them right above my belly button.I kept my posture and saw warm welcoming eyes.I gave a small smile and walked into the living area and bowed
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