Chapter 13-To the Forest of Make-Believe!!!!

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"Crappy Machine!" Bella said and tackled the vending machine.

"Why is there a vending machine in a magic school?" Renesmee said and walked over.

"I don't know but it ate my quarter!" Bella said.

"Did it occur to you that first, we are in a different country so they would not take American money, and second, WE ARE AT A SCHOOL THAT TEACHES MAGIC AND HAS NO ELECTRICITY SO A VENDING MACHINE WOULD NOT WORK!" Renesmee said.

"Whoa, Nessie, what happened to you?" Bella asked.

"I just crashed from my sugar high." Renesmee said and held her head.

"Well, have some Red Bull." Bella said and pulled out a Red Bull from the Vending Machine. Renesmee took a sip.

"That's actually tasty." She said and grabbed another, then another, and another, then she had over 30 Red Bulls. Her eye dilated and she started to jump. "Hey mom, hows it going? Man isn't it hot? What's the weather?" Renesmee asked.

"Uh, it's sixty degrees out." Bella said.

"Oh, man I'm hot, whoa, did you see that?" Renesmee pointed tot the wall.

"What?" Bella asked.

"The walls all moving." Renesmee said.

"Oh shit, RUN!" Bella screamed and ran, then, as if the fuse on a bomb ran out, Renesmee let out a ear splattering roar and took off.

"Now class, today in Divination we will-" Professor Trelawney started. Peeves suddenly bolted up.

"Watch out! Renegade Toddler on Red Bull!" He said.

"Peeves, are you scared?" A student asked.

"Oh dear god, children RUN!" Trelawney said and ducked under her desk. The trap door flew open and Renesmee bolted up, hopping of the walls, screaming at the top of her lungs. Papers, books, tea cups, crystal balls, flew across the room.

"WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Renesmee screamed.

"RUN!" A student shouted and they all scrambled to go down the ladder. Renesmee grabbed a crystal ball and threw it at the back of Professor Trelawney's head. She blacked out and fell.

"Oh dear god help us!" Another student said.

"RED BULL GIVES YOU FREAKIN' WINGS!" Renesmee shouted, grabbed a crystal ball and jumped out of the window.

"Is that a bird?" Neville said from the ground and pointed.

"It's falling awfully fast." His buddy said.

"Is it screaming?" Neville said.

"I think so it's-" WHAM! Renesmee landed hard on the student. His friend jumped back and moved Renesmee, who was twitching, off of Neville.

"She just fell and hit me." Neville whimpered. Madame Pomfery came bustling out of her hospital.

"God dammit, more students? Can't anything normal go on around here?" She growled and marched over to heal Neville.

"Ow my head, mommy, is this what a hangover feels like?" Renesmee asked, being dragged to the hospital ward to say sorry.

"Probably, ask Emmet." Bella said. She dragged Renesmee into the hospital a few moments later.

"OH NO! PLEASE DON'T FALL ON ME!" Neville said.

"I'm sorry for falling on you." Renesmee said and walked away.

"Uncle Emmet, what does a hangover feel like?" Renesmee asked Emmet as he sat in front of a fire place reading a giant book.