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Trans-Dimensional Unified Field Theory





Unified Field Theory 

Physics Theory 

A Theory that advances the unification of Relativity with Quantum 

Mechanics and String Theory 

D A L L A S , T E X A S , U S A 

Trans-Dimensional Unified Field Theory 

Please review the following theory. It explains the matrix and periodic table of a multidimensional 



Our universe is a multidimensional universe where processes and procedures involving natural 

physics relate and exist simultaneously in multiple dimensions. Natural occurrences are 

multidimensional. Historically we identify our existence within three dimensions or vectors of 

space. However, the matrix of space needs to be redefined as a periodic table of "components" or 

"vectors" which build up space-time and relate all physics within the relationship of space 

"component vectors" and "component matrixes". For simplification these components will be 

called "components or vectors", not to be understood as our modern use of the term energy. The 

basic building blocks of space "vectors" are velocity (V), time (T), and dimension (D), which 

will also be defined later as superstrings. Each represents a separate vector or component, the 

basic of these components is D or dimension, and from this all the relationships of physics are 

established by its combination with velocity and time, and multiplications of said components. 

This theory proposes to unite all of physics within a unified field of mathematical relationships, 

building on the components of velocity, time, and dimension. When these components are 

combined in various dimensional states, they form the more complex systems of natural 

occurring phenomena of physics. Hence, the Universe is defined by Trans Dimensional Unified 

Field Theory, where components can be explained in terms of mathematical relationships to the 

same or other components, and its action and existence acts simultaneously in different 

dimensional planes. 

The composition of the natural order of this universe is founded upon on basic vectors VT or 

components that are repeatedly added or better "multiplied" in each dimension D^N and 

properties altered by such combinations. A single alteration or multiplication of VT to a higher 

dimension is a minute step that increases the degree of complexity of the properties of that 

combination or dimension. This will be explained and expressed below by a periodic table of 

composition. Evolution in complexity of components and dimensions is the nature of 

the dynamic universe, and also in the basic structure of space. The philosophy of composition 

from basic elements to complexity is a universal principle. 

The rules of a Trans Dimensional Unified Field Universe are as follows: 

1.) Basic components (superstrings) or vectors are combined and properties altered in steps 

to form simple to more complex systems by multiplying a VT to each successive and 

higher dimension. This is one of the periodicities of this theory. VT or D is the "thing" 

that everything is made from. If there is a God particle, it is superstring D. 

2.) All naturally occurring phenomenon and components is representative of basic 

mathematical relationships that are connected via unified field of physics-mathematics. 

3.) All natural phenomena and components in the construct of space-time are related and can 

be explained mathematically. 

4.) The universe is a multi-dimensional world where processes can be studied and viewed 

simultaneously in space-time. 

5.) All dimensions exist in stability, and hence their effects are experienced as naturally 

occurring events. 

6.) Space and matter are symbiotic, additive, and stable, where one coexists with the other. 

Space is proportionately related to matter by the cube root. So to divide the matter nearly 

doubles the space by proportion. Matter generates a force. Space generates a force. 

Matter creates space. Space creates matter. 

7.) C is a limiting factor for all dimensional relationships and represents balance in the 

universe. C represents the elastic collision of D^3. Space is an elastic superconductor. 

8.) An expanding universe suggests the "big bang" or creation is still in process. An 

expanding universe is explained by space as components created or related to matter. 

9.) The universe is a mechanical process analogous to cellular growth where divisions in 

matter accelerate the expansion of the universe. 

10.) A dimension is so by reference to another and including something of the other. In the

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