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Something to Live For- The Walking Dead Fanfiction


Daryl was carrying my limp body into the cell block.

"Carl! Empty a cell!" Rick tells Carl as we ran in.

Carl did as he was told. He emptied out his own cell that he shared with Rick.

"Hershel! We need you!" Rick yelled.

Hershel got over as fast as he could with his one leg. Daryl set my body down on the bottom bunk.

Hershel studied my arm.

"What happened?" He asked. 


10 hours earlier  


I woke up to the feeling of someone shaking my body.

"Wake up Amelia! Wake up!" Carl yelled. I groaned and sat up. I tried to rub the sleepiness out of my eyes.

"What's up?" I asked.

"Come see for yourself!" He yelled.

I threw the covers off of my body and hopped out of bed.

Man, I hated surprises. Carl was such a kid sometimes. Then other times he's as serious as an adult.

I walked out of my cell and saw everyone gathered around a table, looking at something in awe.

I walked on over to them.

Carol and Beth scooted away so I could see what was on the table. My eyes widened.

"Oh my gosh!" I said. "Who..When.. How?" I was at a loss for words.

"We all pitched in." Maggie spoke up.

"But it was mostly Rick and Daryl." Beth smiled at me.

I looked back at the table. What sat there was a chocolate cake with frosting letters that read 'Happy 21st Birthday Amelia!'

Honestly, I totally forgot it was my birthday. I have has so much going on with walkers and regular life issues.

"How did you get stuff to make it?" I asked, turning to Rick and Daryl.

"Went to the cafeteria, took what was left." Daryl said. "Beth, Maggie and Carol baked the cake."

"Congratulations." Rick said. "The state of Georgia now allows you to drink alcohol." He chuckled.

We all laughed because we know the laws of drinking don't apply anymore.

"Very funny Rick." I said, smirking. "So when are we going to eat this bad boy?"

"After you open your presents." Allison spoke up.

"I've got presents?" I asked.

"Yeah. You have 2!" Carl said, handing me 2 bags.

"The first one is from me, Rick, Carl, Judith, and Daryl." Allison said. "The second is from Carol, Beth, Maggie, Hershel, and Glenn."

I opened the second one first. They gave me some clothes they had found when Glenn and Maggie went for a run.

"Thanks." I said. "I really needed some new clothes. I'm tired of wearing these old rags." I gestured to my clothes that were sweaty and dirty.

Hershel chuckled. "No problem."

I went to the last bag. I could feel what was on the inside. It was some kind of weapon.

I slowly opened the bag. My eyes widened. I looked up at Rick, Daryl, Allison, and Carl. It was a crossbow. I had always wanted one!

"Where did you get it?!" I asked, holding it up.

"We found it when we made a run." Rick stated.

"When did you make a run?" I asked.

"This morning. We only went because its your birthday." He answered.

"Thank you all so much!" I hugged everyone, even baby Judith who was in Carols arms.

I set my stuff in my cell and walked back out to the group. They were all waiting for me to cut the cake.

Once the cake was cut, everyone grabbed a piece and started eating. I walked over to where Rick and Daryl were socializing.

"Hey." I said. "Thanks for doing this."

"Don' sweat it." Daryl said.

"Yeah. You're important to us. We had to do something to celebrate." Rick said. "Daryl, Glenn, Maggie, Carl, and I are going to clear out the boiler block today, you in?"

"Definitely!" I replied. "You know I wouldn't want to miss that!"

"Alright." Rick said. "We're leaving in like 20 minutes, so get ready birthday girl."

Daryl and Rick smirked at me.

"Ok see you then." I said walking away to my cell.


The 20 minutes passed by quickly.

I walked out to Rick, Daryl, Glenn, Maggie, and Carl.

"Ready?" Daryl asked.

"Yup!" I said. I was really excited for this. I've been stuck inside this cell block for way to long. I needed to get out.

"Let's go then." Rick said.

We headed out of the cell block, on our way to the boiler block. Rick said he cleared it already. I wonder how it got overrun again.

We walked until we spotted a walker.

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