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Facebook (A Percy Jackson story) (Watty Award Winner 2013)

Dedicated to
My happy readers

A/N: Glad you guys are enjoying the story :DDDDD Hope you like this part, there is a posibility of Percabeth...

Facebook, Chapter 20

Thalia Grace has updated her satus~

So has anyone heard or seen of Percy or Annabeth in the past three hours? Cause if they don't show up soon the Hunters and I will be out looking for them.


Nico Di Angelo: That wouldn't be such a good idea Thals

Thalia Grace: And why is that?

Nico Di Angelo: Check the Aphrodite cabin page and look  at the recent photos

Thalia Grace: 0-0 my eyes they burn

Piper McLean: they were just kissing Thals, nothing to be worried about

Thalia Grace: Uh, yeah that's why my eyes burn

Nico di Angleo: Why else would they-- Aphrodite cabin what have done?!

Thalia Grace: Look on the Mobile uploads, third row the fifth picture.

Nico Di Angelo: O_O what have you done.

Piper McLean: Uh....

Thalia Grace: My god the image won't leave my mind, it's just imprinted.

Nico Di Angelo: Same. Piper when was that taken?

Piper McLean: Uh.....

Nico Di Angleo: Piper we are being very calm about this, but if you don't answer we will come in there and rip out all of the Aphrodite: Hair products, magazines, makeup, cloths, EVERYTHING THAT YOU HOLD DEAR TO YOU.

Piper McLean: Uh.....

Thalia Grace: Answer one question. Just one.

Piper McLean: OK, what?

Thalia Grace: Why do you have a picture of Nico and I kissing on Facebook?

Piper McLean: It's Drew's fault!

Drew Takanaka: Uh.....

Thalia Grace: When was this photo taken, DREW

Drew Takanaka: Uh.....

Thalia Grace: You do realize I'm a Hunter of Artemis right?

Drew Takanaka: Yes

Thalia grace: OK, good. Now tell me when this taken and you won't have the ENTIRE group of Hunters coming to kill you. This does include Artemis.

Nico Di Angelo: and a group of undead soldiers, hell hounds, and ME

Drew Takanaka: Uh....

Thalia Grace: so Nico want to get your group ready?

Nico Di Angleo: Sure you have the Hunters ready in say ten minutes?

Thalia Grace: lets make it Five

Nico Di Angelo: no prob:D See you then!

Drew Takanaka: You guys are kidding right?

Travis Stoll: So you want Ms. O'Leary too?

Nico Di Angelo: yeah that would be great Travis thanks:D

Leo Valdez: Hey can I help?

Nico Di Angleo: Sure the more the merrier

Malcolm: Oh, then I'm coming too

Nico Di Angleo: Why?

Malcolm: They stole all my books and then put me in makeup.

Nico Di Angleo: Oh, that isn't nice. Well, you have four minutes!

Thalia Grace: Lets give it 20 so everyone who wants can join in!

Nico Di Angleo: OK, sure!


~Nico has updated his status~

So everyone who wants to chase Drew around and then get back at her for all the horrible stuff she has done to us over the years come on and join it will begin in 20 minutes!


Hazel Levesque:
I'm heading over right now!

Frank Zhang: I'll be over in 10

Jason Grace: I'll come and take you guys

Hazel Levesque: No lets just take Arion

Frank Zhang; Ok

Malcolm: Are we allowed weapons?

Nico Di Angleo: No, you can get things like feathers and things to prank her with just nothing like swords we all know she would die if we did that.

Malcolm: Ok, fine no swords D':

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