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I Can See The Writing on The Wall // Katy Perry [under editing]


This was the Life I had chosen, Well actually this life had chose me, And it was going to be the Hectic one.


[10 Days Later] 

[Natalie's POV-]

I was Starting School Tomorrow, I knew it was going to be same old boring like my last school, Me and Nathan had grown Closer and he Seemed to like me more than his Friends, It might've been the Unknown Fame I had, It could've also been a genuine friendship, I took it for a genuine friendship but I couldn't force myself to trust him just yet, He could tell the press and then i'd be done for.

Katy was organizing my school Supplies as I'd be going in a matter of 18 hours, Katy was Too busy for me anyways, She was always at work or at dinner.

It's funny cause she said she loved me the most And she's with her boyfriend more than me, I really liked John honestly I did, It's Katy's fault she doesn't spend more time with me, Katy had recently got handed over Parental Rights in court, So she had been stressing over that, I had overheard her crying one night saying how she might have to take me back to Canada, Honestly I was So done with Canada, Canada Could become part of Russia and I wouldn't care, I knew that wasn't going to happen though.

"Katy?" I said Trying to find her

"I'm in the Kitchen" she replied tiredly

"Whats wrong?" I said walking into the kitchen finding Katy leaning against a window cill looking outside.


"Whats wrong with that?"


"Katy?" I said walking up to her to give her a comforting hug

"Oh my god Katy, You're freezing!" I said leading her out of the Kitchen into the living room, then lying her down on the couch near the fireplace.

"So what if I am." Katy said in a droid tone of voice

"Katy that's not good" I argued back grabbing a blanket for her

"You don't need to do all of this for me babe" Katy said

"Yeah I do, You won't take care of yourself and Lover boy ain't around, I have to take care of you." I looked at Katy straight in the eyes

"Do you want a water?" I asked more politely

"I'll grab my own babe" Katy said Getting up but falling back down on the couch

There was Something wrong with Katy, Terribly wrong, I had to be with her.

I grabbed Katy a water keeping my eyes on her, I went back to the couch, Katy was in bad shape right now.

"What do you think is wrong?" I asked Katy

"I don't have a clue." Katy said faintly

"I'll stay with you Katy" I said pulling my hand out of my pocket and giving it to Katy, She instantly took it and put it in hers, Her body was so cold, Below Temperature actually, I grabbed a chair and propped it beside The Couch Katy was on.

"What about you going to work, You're obviously not fit enough to go to the studio, I can Stay home if you want."

"I'll call tams later and tell her, John Told me He would come over later tonight, I'm surprised he hasn't shown up yet, You should Go to school."

"We barely get enough time together when we're healthy, Never mind being sick, I'm staying with you Katy." I said

"Well what are you going to do watching me, Sleep with me, Tell me stories, Give me a teddy bear, No you aren't, Kids don't watch after their parents" Katy said Giving me a bit of a weird look

"So what, You need me, My mom would get sick all the time and I would have to look after her, It's fine Katy, I'm.... Oh my god, I'm sorry Katy i forgot again!" I said wanting to shoot my self for saying that

"It's alright.... I'm fine.... I'll be fine... John will be here soon, Why don't you go Upstairs for a minute" Katy said tears welling up Wanting to cry, Oh my god I'm such an Idiot, I let it slip out of my mouth like it was no big deal, How could i do that to her, After what she was going through I totally Iced the Cake with that one.

I went upstairs and Had my head down the whole time, I had Made myself feel like a criminal again, How could i just Do that, It was almost like I had Slapped a Cute Innocent Puppy in the face and expected nothing to happen, I felt terrible How could I, That kept repeating in my head.

How Could I.

When i made it to my bed room I could Faintly hear Katy talking, John must've been here now, I laid on my bed and expected the worst, Katy must've told him, How could he not figure out.

It had been a good 20 minutes when i finally went downstairs, Katy was sitting on the couch now, I went to sit beside her when Katy told me to go back up-stairs.


"Because!" Katy yelled

"What did I do, Nothing!" I refused

"Do it!"


"Natalie Go upstairs"

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