Poetry For The Broken, The Heartless And The Lonely

Author Note: There's always something that makes you think. I thought, and I cried. Then I broke a mirror because I couldn't stand to look at it anymore. Then I cried some more, and wrote this. I'm okay.

flyingsquirrels xx

We're alone
We're alone
We're alone in this world
No matter how much we pretend to understand eachother
We'll always be alone
Alone we fall
We always fucking fall
Because it's the only thing we're any damn good at
Hope is fake
It's just a ghost of what was
Crying's a waste of time
Today's the biggest waste of time
And I'm still alone
We're all alone
Alone we fall
Alone I break
Alone I die
Because no-one really cares
No matter how much they pretend to
And everything's broken
Try to fix it
It'll break again
'Cause that's all it can do
Breathe deep
Let the tears flow
Let it all out
Then start again
Keep running in circles so no-one can catch you
Then alone we fall

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